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Generally people think that when any drive is shift deleted or formatted it are lost forever, but that is not the actual case. Whenever any file is erased then it’s just pointer is erased and the data persists there provided that it’s not overwritten by any other file. Those files whose headers are deleted may be restored by different application available in market. So people who usually never take care of these data on hard disk before selling out there electronic gadget, especially people who do not want their data to be shared to anybody else should use tool like Wipe Disk. Wipe Disk easily shreds any hard disk by utilization of different sanitizer schemes to wipe hard drive on windows 7.

Suppose you wish to buy a new laptop that has got touch screen facility i.e. Dell XPS 10 tablet. As you are short of fund you’ve decided to sell out your old laptop. But prior to selling out your old laptop you’ve ensured that your details are not utilized by formatting the hard disk, but you had no knowledge that his confidential data can be accessed by using recovery of software. The person who purchased it was evil and had knowledge about recovery software using that he extracted your entire data from hard disk like bank account details, online accounts , files of hard disk drive, etc. Using such details he started making you financial loss. Therefore if any computer holder doesn’t wish to face such problem then he need to use Wipe Disk over his windows 7 laptop before selling it out to anyone. Drive Wipe overwrites your hard disk drive to such an extent that it may be restored.

Let’s presume are just lending your iPod to your friend for couple of days but don’t want him to have your contents, so in such situations you must have tool like Wipe Disk. This tool easily wipes each one of the files from your gadget from different reliable patterns approved by different governments and security agencies for erasing your computer data from hard disk drive are Fast Zero Overwrite, US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)_DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, Random Overwrite, US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26_RLL German: VSITR-US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M), Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion, North Atlantic Treaty Organization_NATO standard, Gutmann Method. Fast Zero Overwrite is among the simplest way were as Gutmann Method is one of the best way which overwrites any disk to such an extent it can’t be extracted by use of any recovery software.

A few of features of Wipe Disk are:

  • It has one of the best user interface which can be used for wiping data from any desired drive or specific partition of drive.
  • It works efficiently on different storage devices like SATA, SCSI and IDE hard disk.
  • Apart from windows 7, it supports various other versions of windows operating system.
  • It offers different ways of wiping data.
  • This software wipes each of the sectors of hard disk within short while of its utilization.

Thus by going through the features of Wipe Disk you can state that it might be easily used for eliminating any data from drive permanently.You may get it for demo usage.