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Xvid file is one type of video file format which provides high quality video. It is one of the most popular video file formats which are used over internet. Corruption of Xvid movie file stored in storage device is quite common. Most of the users store their favorite video clip or movie file in XVID file format. Movies are the best way to entertain oneself. Today, you can carry your Xvid video file wherever you want in external drive. But as storage devices are prone to corruption you cannot avoid loss of files. Not only this, your Xvid file may get corrupted due to various reasons. It is really an awful moment for movie lovers to lose Xvid movie file. Wondering how to fix Xvid file? Well, there is good news for you; you can perform the fixing process by making use of the repair tool.

Xvid video file corruption indicates missing track from complete file. Suppose you have downloaded Xvid video file & as soon as you try to play VLC player, error message appears on your computer screen indicating that Xvid is damaged. You might be going crazy thinking how it became corrupted. You will get all your queries solved here by reading this article. First let us discuss some other cases that may corrupt Xvid file.

Possible reasons that may lead to Xvid corruption:


  • While playing Xvid movie file, if your system turns down abruptly due to power surge, hard drive failure, system crash, etc. then your Xvid file may get corrupted.
  • Due to software malfunction, XVID video files may get damaged. In such situation , if you don’t have back up of your important files, then you may end up with severe loss of files
  • While you were transferring files from external storage device to other storage device if you pull out the external drive abruptly which is connected to your system then also there is a chance of Xvid file corruption.
  • If you are recording video in your digital camera or camcorder & at that time if it is showing low battery message then also there is a possibility of loss of files.
  • While converting Xvid file to any other video file format using unreliable third party tool then also there is a chance for Xvid file corruption
  • File system corruption is also one of the major problem due to which you may come across Xvid file corruption. File system may also get corrupted due to virus attack, improper system shutdown, power failure. In this case your Xvid file present in  your computer may become inaccessible
  • Xvid header may get corrupted due to intrusion of viruses due to which you will not be able to access Xvid files.

No matter whatever may be reason for Xvid corruption you will be able to fix Xvid by using repair tool . This Xvid video file format can be fixed by using this tool to repair broken Xvid file inbuilt with powerful algorithm It also facilitates Fixing of Xvid file from different types of data storage device like hard disk, memory cards, USB drives, memory sticks, external HDD, memory cards. There are also other reasons that can corrupt Xvid file due to virus infection, improper download, file system corruption, etc. and it can be fixed in a simple way without any difficulty by using this application. It works on Windows as well as Mac Operating System with utmost ease. This software can also be executed to perform video repair of file format Divx, Avi, MOV, MP4, etc.


Presentation slides are a file created by Microsoft PowerPoint program of MS Office. It creates impressive PPT files for education as well as business purpose. Using this application you can school manuals, create business reports, promotional banners, etc. It can also be saved in various file formats such as PPTX, PPS & PPSX. But sometimes you may come across situation where you may encounter PPT file corruption due to certain reasons like file system corruption, virus attack, software malfunction, CRC error, etc. In such situation you can use fixing tool to fix damaged PowerPoint presentation. It is designed in such a way that it can be used by a novice user.

Go for trial version of the repair application. Download it & then install the tool. Launch the application & then start the recovery process. Once you complete the recovery program, you can view the list of recovered file list. You can save the list of recovered files only after purchasing the tool.