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Microsoft Outlook has become necessary to the users as they possibly can save his or her details, e-mail, records, jobs, group meetings and many others within the PST file. If you are another standard user to the particular Microsoft application and you check the e-mail from the respective folder then you’ve quite possibly have noticed the PST file deletion. That time you won’t have the ability to access saved e-mails, journals, tasks along with other feature of your respective PST file. Consequently, this way you may be lost accessibility to PST document. However, you merely don’t worry. As, you’ll be able to repair PST files efficiently with the use of the PST file repair utility on your computer.

Outlook PST file is the way of accessing the important emails, tasks, contacts etc. while you want to access them in an offline condition. There are some circumstances where your PST files are needed to be repaired using the Repair PST application. This is actually the best PST repair application in accordance skillfully developed. The PST corruption does not happen purposely and most possibly sometime you are only responsible for this kind of data corruption problems. Repair PST software is designed so that all the requirements of its user will be fulfilled regarding repair OST files or the PST files.

What are numerous circumstances, which usually resulted in PST file reduction?
Personal data obtain removed due to the number of causes. Inaccessibility to the saved PST files happens due to so many reasons. Few of the reasons are explained here. So your corrupted files can fix. Restricted PST file size is the reason behind the data deletion. The particular sort of PST file contains the data regarding the optimum size of 2GB. If the amount of data is more, then rest of the data may appear as the corrupted one. Despite the fact that, at the time of accessing the existing files in the event the power sudden get off and the PST record gets broken and as the result of that the emails or other features inside the PST files becomes unavailable.
Computer virus effect- Impact of the virus infections on the PST documents brings the huge number of file damage.

Advance PST repair software has been developed by the developers to fix the particular corrupted PST data as well as the same software additionally recover the lost PST files and consequently fixes the actual corrupted data. While repairing your damaged data the software program will not injure the other data files and create completely a new file which is corruption free. The particular Correct My own PST application supports all of the versions with the MS Outlook. To going through the features of the tool get it now. Download its free trial edition to fix your corrupted files.

Microsoft Office Outlook is primarily widely used by many organizations and individuals for email communications. It is a powerful personal information manager that enables you to configure contacts, emails, notes, Tasks, calendar items, RSS feeds so on. PST and OST are the two types of database files in Outlook application. The major difference between PST and OST is, PST formally known as Personal Storage Table which needs internet connection to perform the task, whereas OST is an Offline Storage Table which utilizes Outlook even if there is no internet connection.

scanpst repair toolHowever, most of the Outlook users feel safe to Outlook.pst files instead of Outlook.ost file since, OST is a local copy of your exchange server and if there are any sort of issues in the exchange server there are chances that your whole OST file become corrupted also accidental deletion of Outlook account leads to inaccessible of OST file. Due to these limitations, users often feel much secure to use PST file. Even though, Outlook.pst file is a much secured file than OST file, there are certain limitations of the PST file.

  • The maximum size limit of Outlook PST file is 50GB. Sometimes, the size of it increases without any notice above 50GB this result in corrupting the Outlook PST file.
  • If a bad sector is presented in PST file area on your hard disk, may result in damaging your Microsoft Outlook PST file.
  • Improper Outlook application terminations may result in corrupting the PST file.
  • Some of the causes like hard drive failure, operating system crash, software upgrade may also corrupt your PST file.

Apart from above stated reasons there are various other situations which lead to corruption / damage of Outlook.pst file. Anyhow, if you are already facing such issues with Outlook database files then, there is nothing to worry! Because, there is an inbuilt inbox repair tool in MS Outlook called as “Scanpst.exe” which has capability of repairing and recovering minor corruption issues of your Outlook data files. But major problems cannot be fixed by using this “Scanpst.exe” utility. To solve major issues there is a wonderful tool known as “scanpst repair tool” which has ability to solve all the major problems in Outlook PST files.

Reasons to choose this tool:

This program is built with simple graphical user interface and easy to use application. It repairs the Outlook.pst file which weren’t repaired by Microsoft inbox repair tool, it is supported to fix, recover and solve Outlook data file corrupted / damaged file on different Microsoft Outlook version like Outlook-2003, Outlook-2000, Outlook-2007, Outlook-2010 and Outlook-2013. Scanpst repair tool repair password protected PST. It is read-only application which reads only from the original PST file and fixes the file by making a copy of the original file, without causing any further damage to the corrupted file.

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which is developed and designed by Microsoft. It stores all emails and various Outlook attributes such as RSS feeds, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, notes, etc. Outlook stores all the data in a data file known as PST (Personal Storage Table). PST file makes easy accessibility of Outlook data. Sometimes PST file may get corrupted due to various reasons. If your PST file gets corrupted then the entire information becomes inaccessible and you can’t access those data. A Inbuilt Inbox repair tool is available in Outlook known as scanpst.exe which repair corrupted PST file. This tool sometimes fails to fix the PST file if the PST file is severely corrupted. In such circumstances, you need any repairing software that can repair your corrupted PST file. There are so many tools available online, but you can make use of Scan PST Repair Tool because this tool is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts to repair corrupted or damaged PST file.

Scenarios which are responsible for corruption of PST file:

Virus Attack: Outlook PST file may gets infected from harmful viruses or malwares from network, virus infected devices, etc. These viruses may corrupt your PST file and makes your PST file inaccessible.

PST Header Corruption – PST file header maintain entire data in an organized manner. If header file get corrupted due to virus attack or improper termination of Outlook, then you can’t access the Outlook PST file.

Improper Closing of Outlook: While accessing PST file if your Outlook terminates improperly due to unexpected power failure or improper shutdown of system then it make your PST file inaccessible.

Storage Device Failure: If Outlook PST file saved on bad sectors of hard drive of your system, then some or entire Outlook PST file may get corrupted and makes your PST file inaccessible.

Other Reasons: Outlook up-gradation, oversized PST file, improper recovery, etc are some of the reasons responsible for corruption of PST file.

Some precautionary measures to be taken to avoid loss of PST file:

  • Keep backup of PST file so that you can use it in emergency case if your original PST file gets corrupted.
  • Use updated Antivirus on your system to make your system free from virus attack.
  • Don’t terminate the Outlook improperly.
  • Always try to accommodate your Outlook PST file within the allocated size limit of different versions of to avoid corruption of PST file.

Features of Scan PST Repair Tool:

  • Scan PST Repair Tool repairs all Outlook attributes such as tasks, journals, contacts, RSS feeds, emails, notes, calendars, etc.
  • This software is capable of repairing corrupted PST file on different versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, etc.
  • It also repairs password protected and encrypted PST file.
  • It repairs corrupted PST file on different versions of Outlook such as 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • This software is capable of repairing oversized PST file. For example, Outlook 2007 PST file gets corrupt when it reaches its size to 20 GB or more then 20 GB.

Currently it’s become common lose crucial emails and other essential data from  Outlook, there may be your precious data such as calendar items, contact lists, reminders, notes, RSS feeds, journals etc. because of corrupt PST file. Suppose the inbox repair tool scanpst become unsuccessful to fix the corrupt PST file then it might lead to severe data loss from Outlook. In order to prevail over such issues industry experts have premeditated inbox repair software to repair corrupt PST file of Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010. You have to make out how the PST file frequently corrupts, so some of the main causes are stated d below just get through them.

Factors to corrupt PST file:

  • Oversized PST file: Several times Outlook 2003 users mislay their valuable emails from inbox because of oversized PST file. In fact the PST file is defined with a fastidious size limits when this size limit exceeds its limit then surely the PST file gets corrupt. Oversizing of PST file generally come about when the there is constant gathering of emails and other Outlook data.
  • Internet issues: While sending large sized attachments through emails if the internet connection stops then the PST file might get corrupted and guides to Outlook data loss.
  • Antivirus program: In some situations antivirus program while scanning for virus or spyware might damage the PST file, once the PST file is damaged then the emails from the inbox and other personal folders could be inaccessible.
  • Sudden exit of Outlook: Sometimes, if the Outlook profile is ended without using secure exit or the sudden power breakdown might damage the Outlook data file and makes it inaccessible.

Few familiar tips to evade PST file corruption:

  • Constantly maintain habit of deleting useless emails to evade oversizing of PST file
  • Draw on this tool as soon as PST file corrupts.
  • Constantly preserve vital emails and other data in back up.
  • Install the app on healthier drive.

You can effortlessly repair the corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file with the help of repair Microsoft Outlook 2003 PST tool, it can genuinely scan for Outlook damaged PST file to extract the information, once the scan is completed then it generates a fresh copy of PST file and entire information from the corrupt PST file is reloaded. You can effortlessly exploit this advanced tool to repair PST file created on different Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on various Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Windows 7 etc. This application not only resolves Outlook PST file issues but also recovers deleted emails from inbox, sent items, Deleted Items folders etc. and also reinstates contact lists, tasks, calendar items, RSS feeds, journals, notes etc.

This utility helps you to repair PST file when the corrupt or damaged PST file is password protected or highly encrypted. The main way of this software is that  when you don’t locate the exact place of the damaged PST file then also you can repair it. This utility is obtainable in demo edition to weigh up its repair process using the demo edition of this software, after your satisfaction you can buy the absolute edition of this tool, if you still require information then visit this link

Have you ever lost your significant emails from Outlook PST file because of corruption? And now are you searching a way to fix and restore your important data from MS Outlook? Don’t worry!!! Just go for Fix PST software and get back all and restore your important data from MS Outlook? Don’t worry!!! Just go for Fix PST software and get back all your important data.

Outlook is the most popularly used software to communicate through sending and receiving emails in an organization. This was designed and introduced by Microsoft Corporation. It comes up various versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. MS Outlook 2010 is the advanced version of Outlook with enhanced features and it stores all the data in .PST file.

It is a file format which is used by Outlook to store all the inbox and outbox emails, Journals, contacts etc. It stands for personal storage table and the PST files are locally stored on the PC, but also delivered and stored on server. But there are instances where you may lose data from the PST file because of oversize PST file, virus attack, power failure etc.

Look at the situation where you are using MS Outlook 2007. One fine day to make use of improved features you decided to upgrade your Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010. But due to power your Outlook conversion process was interrupted and your system turned off improperly. Later when you turned on your computer your PST file was corrupted. This must be the most frustrating moment as you lost all your data stored in PST file from long time. Now you must be worried thinking and looking out for a method to fix your PST file and get back all your valuable data. No need to get tensed, you can fix PST errors and restore all your lost data using good PST repair software. In market there are many repair tools available which helps you to repair your damaged PST file effectively.

There are some more reasons of data loss from Outlook PST file due to corruption which are listed below:

Common data loss scenarios:

  • If the size of your Outlook PST file exceeds its size limit then the file gets corrupted and causes severe loss of data.
  • The PST file may get damaged if it is shared over the network in an organization resulting in data loss.
  • Malware attack is the most common reason of PST file getting corrupted. The PST file becomes inaccessible if it is infected from deadly virus and this may lead to loss of your Outlook data.
  • Errors encountered while compacting the large emails attachments before sending results in PST file corruption and you may face huge data loss.
  •  Sometimes, while scanning incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook using antivirus software it may delete the emails which may cause loss of important emails.

However, in order to avoid any of the data loss scenario mentioned above you need to follow some of the precautionary measures like:

  • Always use power regulator to prevent abrupt shutdown of your PC.
  • Keep proper backup of your important Outlook PST file.
  • Keep your system updated with antivirus software to get rid of harmful viruses.

If you come across any of the above mentioned data loss scenarios even after taking necessary steps, then no need to worry you can recover your Outlook data with ease by making use of Outlook repair tool. These PST files are very much important and users always keep a password to protect them .This tool is among the best solution for your question how to repair password protected PST files? This software also helps you to repair oversized Outlook PST files.

This tool allows you to restore all Outlook data like Emails, tasks, notes, reminders etc. from damaged or corrupt PST file. This software supports recovery of Outlook data on various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This repair utility can retrieve email messages that are emptied from the deleted item folders. It helps you to fix PST files created on Outlook versions 2000,2002,2003,2007 and 2010. This software allows you to repair your password protected, compressed, highly encrypted PST files efficiently. This software also supports recovery of OST files.

Following are the simple steps to use the Outlook repair tool with ease by few clicking of your mouse.

Obtain the demo version of the tool and install it on the hard disk of your computer. Launch the application and select the appropriate repair options that you come across while using the software. Once you are done with your repair process then you can evaluate the performance of the software. In case if you are satisfied with the repair results you can purchase the full version of the software.



When you are suppose to send an official email to your boss, simply you desire to open your Outlook account in your laptop, suddenly you are shocked!!! That is, you are not capable to open your Outlook account and you may try to open it several times, but did not get success, you are persuaded that your Outlook PST files are damaged. You may think how to repair outlook PST and you start to search for a solution and you must need a third party utility to repair all your corrupted PST files. Nothing to agonize, there is a well-built tool to repair all your corrupted MS outlook PST files. 2007 PST repair tool can do what you are expecting. It has the ability to repair severely broken files. Let’s know the reasons for PST file corruption.

Reasons for PST file corruption:-

  • Internal errors: – Because of some internal errors the PST files may damage and results in inaccessible.
  • Over sizing of PST files: – Each PST file has its maximum limit, if this storing capacity crosses the predefined, then PST file may get corrupt.
  • Suddenly you may close Outlook application: – when you are using the application and if you terminate it unexpectedly or power disastrous rapidly in such a cases the PST files will get corrupt.
  • Ruthless virus hit: – viruses are the most influential aspects to damage the PST files. Then, if there is any virus activity on your Outlook application, that time there is a chance of PST file corruption.

Once you lose the files means they are not permanently gone, PST files will be there on the hard disk of your computer, even after being corrupted. It is really important to avoid them from being paid to permanent loss. That’s why you should have to avoid saving new data to the drive where corrupted PST files are stored. Do not install any repair tool on unaffected drive.

Due to all these above stated scenarios the PST files are inaccessible to the user. This 2007 PST repair tool comes to scan entire damaged PST files and is very accommodating to users and recovers all the corrupted PST files. This Outlook 2007 PST repair tool is premeditated with powerful inbuilt algorithms and has the capacity to repair all corrupted, severely damaged or inaccessible files.

This 2007 PST repair tool includes highly developed characteristics to repair all injuries happened to the PST files. This repair tool breaks any passwords and repairs them. After repair process is done means it arranges them in a proper sequence. It has the power to repair the rigorously corrupted files by providing smart scan option. Hence it is the most powerful and amazing repair tool among all existing repair tools. It can repair highly encrypted PST files.

So before going to check its result, you need to be careful that all corrupted PST files are stored on hard disk, hence do not overwrite the files by fresh data. Its working is more dependable and secure, the demo version of 2007 PST repair tool is existing and you can test its usefulness and the working theory of this software.

Now you simply download the trial version of PST repair tool, and then run it. Once you run it means you will be amazed with its results. Demo version of this tool will scan quickly the corrupted PST files. To save these scanned Outlook items you need to purchase the complete version of PST repair tool.