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Hi everyone, last week I thought to enlarge the size of the Samsung hard drive partition on my system so that I can store more files on that partition. Then, I went for the repartitioning the hard drive with the help of Diskpart utility. I was not familiar of this utility how it works, so I read the information on the internet how to repartition the disk.

According to that information, I started the repartition process. But while doing so I made a huge error, instead of shrinking the other hard disk partition I have deleted it. The partition was containing lot of data and it is very important for to regain the data and I want to perform Samsung hard disk partition recovery. Any kind of assistance will be hard disk partition recovery

Hard disk is the main storage devices that are used to store the data permanently in the system. We can divide the hard disk into several parts known as partitions which helps user to organize their different types of data like OS files, application, videos, images, and other software along with different data. Partitioning of hard drive makes simpler and easier to manage the data logically.

If something went wrong with one partition then it won’t affect another partition. User should always be very careful while dealing with partition because a simple mistake may lead to loss entire partition. In such condition, user will be tensed and starts thinking about the lost data. Now stop being tensed because user can easily carry out Samsung hard disk partition recovery process with the help of Samsung Recovery Tool.

Features of this utility:

  • This program is developed by group of IT professional experts and recommended for everyone to retrieve the data with ease.
  • Restores lost or deleted data from hard drives due to lost partition, power surge, software crash, file corruption, virus attack and accidentally formatted drives.
  • You can utilize this application to recover Samsung hard disk partition having various types of file system like NTFS, FAT16, HFS, FAT32, ExtFAT, etc.
  • Supports to restore lost file on various kinds of hard drives interface such as IDE, SATA, and SCSI

There are some common issues for loss of Samsung hard drive partition:

  • File system corruption– Because of intrusion of harmful program like Trojan and viruses or sometimes boot sector may get damaged which contains information about the hard drive partitions and also as a result of boot sector corruption, some of the partitions may become invisible or damaged.
  • Creating partition using unreliable utility– If you are creating a partition using an unreliable third party utility, it may not create partition properly and might incur some error message indicating the loss of partition. The error may be displayed like this could not allocate memory or not enough space and you may loss access to the existing partition.
  • Installation of multiple OS in the system– Multiple operating system installation may also result in loss of partitions from the Samsung hard drive. This results in inaccessibility of the data because of MBR corruption and bad sectors.