How to Recover Files from RAW Partition?

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Hard drive is a mass storage device used for storing the data or information in the system. Hard drives are of two types i.e. internal or external hard drives and are used to store files such as image, video, audio, documents, PPT, PDF, office files, spread sheets and so on. A system’s hard drive is divided into so many partitions in order to save the several files in an organized way. Each partition has been organized with a file system to keep record of all the files.

Hard drive partition becomes RAW when the computer’s operating system fails to recognize the file system of that partition due to several unexpected conditions like file system corruption, virus attacks, partition table corruption, and improper shutdowns so on. Due to this the user can not be able to access the files. To access RAW partition again, they have to format the hard drive. No need to worry under such situations because you can restore RAW partition with the help of Raw Partition Recovery software.

RAW Partition Recovery software is specially developed by technically trained experts to retrieve data from RAW partition. It has built using deep scanning algorithms, which scans the entire RAW partition and recovers the data within few minutes. After recovering files from RAW partition, it allows the user to preview all the recovered files before going to restore it.

Some of the common reasons which are responsible for RAW partition:

  • Master Boot Record corruption: Master boot is a boot sector generally used to hold information of the files like file name, file creation date, file size etc. Due to some unavoidable condition like sudden power surge, the master boot record gets corrupted and hard disk drive becomes raw, this can results in severe file lost problems.
  • Virus attacks: viruses are small destructive programs which enter into the system via internet or by sharing files through infected storage device and so on. If such bad programs are of high intensity it can easily corrupts the file system of hard drive partition. Hence turning the partition to RAW and the files become inaccessible.
  • Error while creating new partition:After purchasing the new hard drive there is no partition. So, in order to keep the files and folders in more structured way, user need to create new partitions. While creating new partition using disk management software, if any sort of error occurs, then it leads to RAW partition.
  • File system corruption: The file system is used to keep the track of all the files in the system. If this file system is corrupted due to some reasons then it leads to the RAW partition
  • Other reasons: Some of the other reasons which make the hard drive partition RAW are hardware issues, software conflicts, files system conversion error, improper shutdowns, error in OS installation and many more.

Features of RAW Partition Recovery software:

  • This software is used to recover files from Raw Partition on Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 & 2000 etc.
  • Easily recovers different types of files such as word documents, excel sheets, PPT, PDF files, text files, archive files, videos, audios, images, RAW photos and various other types of files from RAW partition.
  • This software is used to recover RAW partition on SATA, PATA and IDE hard drives.
  • It is also used to recover’s files from external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, pen drives and other storage devices.
  • The recovered files are slotted on the basis of their file name, file type, file size and date.