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Basically, hard drives are non-volatile storage devices, which stores encoded data digitally on fast spinning platters surrounded with magnetic surface. Naturally, storage devices with larger capacities are in more demand. To extend the storage capacity you can use extra internal hard drive or external hard drive. External hard drive can be used by connecting it to computer though interface such as USB and Fire wire. PATA, SATA, SCSI, IDE and SSD are different types of hard drives. Hard drive can store up to 2TB of data. Sometimes, hard drives may come across various types of problems. Hard drive problems may be as simple as hard drive errors on computer such as the hard drive is not formatted or hard drive cannot be read etc. These errors may encounter due to corruption of the hard drive partitions. If you are not able to access the data due to corruption of hard drive partitions, which is caused because of human errors or power outage, then this situation may result in loss of valuable data. In the situations like this, by the help of professional partition recovery tools, you can recover the lost data from a hard drive. If you are not able to access the data due to hard drive errors then you can recover hard drive data by using any superior data recovery software.

Sometimes, data loss may occur due to bad sectors on hard drive. Data is stored on sectors of hard drive, which are small unit of hard drive. Each sector can hold 512 bytes of data. For instance, if storage capacity of hard drive is 200GB then, there are approximately 400 millions of sectors, where each sector holds 512 bytes of data. If these sectors get damaged or corrupted then data present on those sectors becomes inaccessible. These sectors are called as bad sectors. These may cause problem in the event where the hard drive partitions gets corrupted. There are different reasons for corruption of the hard drive partitions like sudden power failure, interruption in read or write operations, improper system shutdown, failing read or write head, malware or virus attacks etc. If you use hard disk for considerable amount of time then there may be chances of creating bad sectors, which will not allow you to access the data from those sectors resulting in data loss. However, an appropriate partition recovery software allows the user to recover data from corrupted partitions even the hard drive is having the bad sectors by creating the disk images.

To locate and repair these bad sectors you can use built-in application called CHKDSK or SCANDISK. When you run these two commands, it will scan the hard drive for errors and if it finds any logical errors then it will fix those errors. But, sometimes it may take long time to repair bad sectors. These applications can repair the disk but they are not able to recover lost data. In few cases, while fixing logical errors it may delete some files, which are important to you resulting in data loss. So, to avoid this problem, you can use powerful disk recovery software.

Windows partition recovery is the best disk recovery software, which helps you to recover lost data from corrupted hard drive partitions. This software can able to recover data lost due to simple data loss situations to complex data loss situations. This software can also recover lost data from the hard drive, which is having bad sectors. To recover data from the bad sectors, this software creates copy of your hard disk called as disk image. This copy is stored as a single file; afterwards, you can recover lost data from this file. FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 are the different versions of FAT (File Allocation Table) file system, which are supported by this software and it also supports NTFS (New Technology File System) file system. You can also download the demo tool prior to buy the Windows partition recovery software and test the recovery results.