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Outlook Express is an email client that is used for sending and receiving emails from windows operating system. It was developed by Microsoft Incorporation for making use of email id simple for widows’ os users.  By configuring email account settings in Outlook Express software, users can gain easy access to their email account. An easy and simple to use application that can also perform advanced operations, it is a godsend for millions of email users around the globe. But data on this tool can get unreachable due to a variety of reasons such as accidental deletion of emails, virus attack, oversize of outlook express, problem while compaction process, etc. Such implication can make working on Outlook hard, so if you wish to recover Outlook Express files, you need to use Outlook Express Recovery software.

Interruption of compaction process is one of the common reason corruptions of outlook express folder. So the question arises “Why to do compaction?”.  Outlook Express stores all your emails in the hard drive of the system.  And since we know that file size of outlook express is 2GB, so compaction is one of the major step to reduce the size of outlook folder.  When compaction is done deleted messages are emptied and thus making space for other files and folders. Let’s suppose that your outlook file has reached its maturity, and that’s the reason you have applied compaction over it. But while the process was in progress your system got switched off due to some system failure. So if you wish to have recover outlook express folders of outlook you need to implement Outlook Express Recovery.

Let’s check out another scenario of outlook corruption. The common cause of file loss on outlook express is when you unintentionally delete some of the emails. Suppose you want to rearrange files on outlook so that searching of any file can be made easier. While doing so you accidentally deleted some of the essential files from inbox. So what is to be done in such circumstances to have reassessed to the lost files? These deleted files can be recovered by usage of Outlook Express Recovery tool. When any files get deleted it is recovered in .eml format at the desired location. This recovered .eml file can be imported back inside outlook folder by just drag and drop option.

Some of the astounding features of Outlook Express Recovery tool are:

  • It supports different versions of Outlook Express.
  • Easily tracks down the .dbx file if you don’t know about its location.
  • Recovers emails which corrupted due to compacting operation.
  • Emails are repaired in .eml format which can be easily be easily incorporated back into Outlook Express folder.
  • Users can repair a single dbx file or all the dbx files can be repaired at a time.
  • It recovers complete header of email.
  • It has got one of the best graphic user interface which can be easily implemented by expert or novice.
  • It has one of the best scanning algorithm which can be used for tracking down each of the lost or deleted e-mails.

Thus by checking out the features of Outlook Express, we can easily suggest, that it can be implemented for recovery of any file or folder of dbx file. You may get it from internet for trial purpose.