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Currently it’s become common lose crucial emails and other essential data from  Outlook, there may be your precious data such as calendar items, contact lists, reminders, notes, RSS feeds, journals etc. because of corrupt PST file. Suppose the inbox repair tool scanpst become unsuccessful to fix the corrupt PST file then it might lead to severe data loss from Outlook. In order to prevail over such issues industry experts have premeditated inbox repair software to repair corrupt PST file of Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010. You have to make out how the PST file frequently corrupts, so some of the main causes are stated d below just get through them.

Factors to corrupt PST file:

  • Oversized PST file: Several times Outlook 2003 users mislay their valuable emails from inbox because of oversized PST file. In fact the PST file is defined with a fastidious size limits when this size limit exceeds its limit then surely the PST file gets corrupt. Oversizing of PST file generally come about when the there is constant gathering of emails and other Outlook data.
  • Internet issues: While sending large sized attachments through emails if the internet connection stops then the PST file might get corrupted and guides to Outlook data loss.
  • Antivirus program: In some situations antivirus program while scanning for virus or spyware might damage the PST file, once the PST file is damaged then the emails from the inbox and other personal folders could be inaccessible.
  • Sudden exit of Outlook: Sometimes, if the Outlook profile is ended without using secure exit or the sudden power breakdown might damage the Outlook data file and makes it inaccessible.

Few familiar tips to evade PST file corruption:

  • Constantly maintain habit of deleting useless emails to evade oversizing of PST file
  • Draw on this tool as soon as PST file corrupts.
  • Constantly preserve vital emails and other data in back up.
  • Install the app on healthier drive.

You can effortlessly repair the corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file with the help of repair Microsoft Outlook 2003 PST tool, it can genuinely scan for Outlook damaged PST file to extract the information, once the scan is completed then it generates a fresh copy of PST file and entire information from the corrupt PST file is reloaded. You can effortlessly exploit this advanced tool to repair PST file created on different Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on various Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Windows 7 etc. This application not only resolves Outlook PST file issues but also recovers deleted emails from inbox, sent items, Deleted Items folders etc. and also reinstates contact lists, tasks, calendar items, RSS feeds, journals, notes etc.

This utility helps you to repair PST file when the corrupt or damaged PST file is password protected or highly encrypted. The main way of this software is that  when you don’t locate the exact place of the damaged PST file then also you can repair it. This utility is obtainable in demo edition to weigh up its repair process using the demo edition of this software, after your satisfaction you can buy the absolute edition of this tool, if you still require information then visit this link