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Microsoft Outlook is definitely an email client. It can be found in many government offices, industries, and educational institutions for employees to coordinate meetings, Calendars and folders with their email information. In Outlook user can create rules and the folders. These folders are used to store your computer data along with received emails. But you can lose data kept in this folder if it’s deleted accidentally. This folder may also lose because of PST file corruption. Then to retrieve the information, you must recover deleted folders in Outlook. To recoup deleted the folder from corrupted PST file, you should repair PST. Then you can certainly take advantage of Outlook PST recovery software to recoup lost data from Outlook.

You may also lose Outlook calendar appointments when you have deleted accidentally. If these are necessary for you and you don’t have a backup, then you might worry how to recover outlook calendar appointments. The calendar events, contacts, emails, etc. can be deleted or lost on account of PST file corruption. PST file is corrupted on account of various reasons.

A few major reasons for PST file corruption are provided below.

  • The main reason for PST file corruption in your computer is virus bombards that the antivirus software program is not able to identify and neutralize the viruses. To prevent this, you have to build back up at least once in a month.
  • Some people want to save their disk space. Then they’ll compact the PST file. While compacting, their PST file may get corrupt if the compacting process is interrupted and hence sometimes Outlook contacts get deleted.
  • PST file is like some other databases. It has indexes to store objectives like emails, Contacts as well as other items. The indexes in PST file have better performance and speed. If these indexes get corrupted, after that your PST file cannot be accessed and this will not permit you to access the Outlook items. For those who have backup get data back or else you need to repair PST.
  • The PST file can get corrupt logically. If you have turned off Outlook, the PST file can get corrupt and then you will become unable to access emails from your Outlook.
  • The PST file header corruption brings about the loss of data. Since the PST file header contains whole information file such as file size, dates of creation, etc. In the event the PST file header corrupted, the Outlook thinks that there is no data within the file. But still the contacts and all other data can be found in the file also but it cannot be accessed.

Thus the folders and calendar events may delete from Outlook as a result of these reasons. In addition, they can get deleted on account of various software errors. Anyhow, if your calendar events are deleted, you can restore through the use of PST recovery software. But you need to make utilization of best PST repair tool or maybe you will lose Outlook data permanently. It’s also advisable to be familiar with Outlook version, operating system, file systems that you just using inside your computer. It will help you to have a proper Outlook recovery tool and recover all Outlook items effectively.

Outlook PST recovery software is often easy to use the tool like a person from non-technical background may also make use of this software to recoup deleted folders and calendar events from Outlook. It’s most advanced tool than the inbox repair tool scanpst.exe which can be given with the device. It features a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, by using this it repairs corrupted mailboxes and restores all lost items from your Outlook. It could support PST file repair on various versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. Before purchasing it, you’ll be able to evaluate Outlook recovery results using a demo version of this tool. You can get the trial version of this tool through a company website.