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Are you looking for application which can be implemented over memory card to rescue each of the files which were deleted unintentionally? Since we all know the advantages and disadvantages of memory card usage let’s directly get to the point. Files which are saved over memory card of camera or any other gadget to which it is attached at times get missing miraculously. Whenever any file gets missing then it only loses it logical existence, so these missing files can be reclaimed by use of Data File Recovery, which has got capability to revamp them in matter of minutes.

Although deletion is one of the common activities done on any storage device, at times this beneficial option puts users in regrettable situation, were they have no idea how to revamp those files. Missing files scenario generally develops due to users own mistake which puts them in situation where they have to repent over such action later. Let’s assume one of such scenario that generates such case. Suppose that you have some of crucial files over memory card along with some of junk files. Due to this reason you have deleted those junk items, later after some time you realized that you have come to know that you had unintentionally deleted some important files. In such regrettable situation you need to make use of the given tool that has got capability to rescue each of them in matter of minutes.

The other major cause of file missing from memory card is error while transfer process is on. Suppose that you have got some of the essential files over memory card which you need to back up. So, while doing so, your system got switched off. Since this process was initiated by making use of the CTRL+X command then the file lost its existence from source along with destination location. There are similarly other circumstances which can cause data deletion from memory card; some of them are deletion due to use of some third party software, deletion due to misconception, improper ejection, and virus attack and power failure. Each of the above mentioned scenarios can be rectified by making use of the deleted data recovery in matter of minutes.

It is compatible to perform data recovery of wide range of files, a few of the commonly used file formats are ARW, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, NEF, PSD, CR2, TIFF, TIF, JPG, MRW, 3FR, RAW, KDC, X3F, PEF, DCR, DNG, RAF, ORF, SR2, CRW,  K25, etc. The files or data which need to be revamped can be screened before storing them at any of storage device. It is compatible to rescue files over different memory card counterparts such as SD card, XD Card, MMC, SDHC card and many more which are attached to different electronic devices such as Nikon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Sanyo, Sigma, Pentax, Samsung, Leica, Minolta, Hasselblad, Casio and much more. This application usage is quite simple because of its GUI (Graphic User Interface) that entitles its consumer whether be novice or expert to perform revamp process in matter of minutes. The file recovery from memory card can be done on the basis of file name, file creation date, size of the file and format of file. This application is available online for making trial usage, which can be bought later.