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A memory card is a small portable, data storage device used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, computers, MP3 players etc. It is widely used in portable devices to store photos, video files, songs, text file, etc. The most popular cards used over the globe are SD (Secure Digital) card, CF (Compact Flash) card, Smart Media card, MMC and Memory Stick. These cards are varying in data storage capacity and it is directly depend on the price. Memory cards can offer many advanced features over the hard disk.

Even though the memory card features attracted many people, still the data loss problem existed. The data loss from the memory card can occur, mainly due to two reasons i.e. software errors and user mistakes. Software errors are those which can occur without your knowledge and can make disappear or inaccessible some of your files from the card. In this case if you lose important files, you may face many problems. By understanding such problems, some companies have developed a tool called flash card recovery software. Using this application, one can easily recover deleted or lost files from any type of memory card.

Most of the time data loss occurs from the memory card due to user mistakes. Let us see a few user mistakes where the data loss can happen from the memory card.

Accidental deletion of files: This is a most common reason, it can happen when the user is in hurry to delete unwanted files from the card. If your memory card is reached to its maximum size and you don’t have space to store new files, then in order to store new files, you may delete important files instead of deleting the not required files.

Accidental formatting: After using your memory card for a long period, you may want to format it. Before formatting you need to get backup of required files from it but you have forgotten to do it.

Improper ejection of card from the computer: usually the connected memory card from the computer is removed using “Eject removable device” option. If you have not used it and suddenly removed a card from your computer when the files are open from it on your computer, can results in memory card corruption. Once the memory card is corrupted, all files cannot be accessed by the user.

Apart from these, there are many reasons which will make the user to get worry due to loss of data from the memory card. Some of them are like capturing a photo when the digital camera has low battery, virus attack, deleting photos during transferring from one device to another, interruption during file transfer, third party applications, power failure, file system corruption, etc. Under all these scenarios you will lose files from your memory cards but still you have chance to perform SanDisk card recovery, recover CF card or retrieve files from any type of memory card by making use of some third party tools.

Whenever you want to get a recovery tool to perform memory card recovery, you will need to be familiar with the information regarding your system. Here you should be aware of file system and operating system using in your computer. This information is required since the recovery tools are developed to support file recovery on particular OS and file system.

Memory card recovery software is one of the powerful data recovery applications, which supports flash card recovery on Windows operating system. It will support file recovery on both FAT and NTFS file systems. To recover files, first it scans entire memory card within few minutes and restores all lost data from it. Using this tool all media files such as photos, video files, songs, etc can be recovered within a short while. Suppose if you have any doubt regarding the tool, first use free trial version of this software and check recovery results. If you have satisfied with the demo version, use full version of this software to save all recovered files.