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Hi guys, yesterday morning I thought of copying the photos from my camera SD card to my computer, that were captured during my recent trip with my friends. When I connected my Micro SD card to my system, I was shocked as I could not get access to the memory card. As soon as I clicked on my Micro SD card, Windows displayed an error message stating Disk in the drive not formatted, do you want to format it now?, Then, I realized that my SD card has gone corrupted and I could not find a solution to get back my pictures. Is there any way to recover data from corrupted Micro SD card? If so, please can anyone suggest me a solution to recover all my files from damaged Micro SD card? Thank you!!!


Well this is not only the problem faced by you; it is faced by many users and they keep on regretting themselves for the mistake but now onwards be calm, as it is possible to restore files from corrupted SD card by making use of Mobile SD Card Recovery software. This application can recover data from corrupted micro SD card with great ease. Some file format which are recovered by this tool are JPG, JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, GIF, AVI, MP4, MOV etc. from the memory card on Windows system in few moments.

Circumstances under which data lost from Micro SD Card:

  • Virus Invasion: If the SD card is connected to virus infected system for transfer of media files then there are chances that these viruses may affect the file structure and during use of antivirus program on SD card it may remove infected files from USB flash drive.
  • Unknown Format: Sometimes user may make mistake by selecting connected SD card for formatting instead of choosing the partition of that system which is inaccessible. This formatting erases all media files from the device easily.
  • Other factors: Apart from these, some other factors behind SD card corruption are unreliable third party tools, abrupt shutdown while system is in use, file system corruption, presence of excessive bad sectors, interrupted data transfer and many moiré.

Nowadays, loss of data due to corruption in the SD card is one of the most common problems. You just use of Mobile SD Card Recovery software and get your all important data back with such a great ease.

Features of Mobile SD Card Recovery software:

Mobile SD Card Recovery software is the best application designed by professional experts using some advanced algorithms to help users to recover data from corrupted SD card that is corrupted due to virus attacks, file system corruption, improper ejection, etc. at an ease. This recovery toolkit comes with simple user interface which helps data recovery from corrupted SD card with much ease on Windows system. Apart from recovering data from corrupted or damaged SD card, this amazing utility can get back erased data from any storage device such as external hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and many more in few clicks of mouse. It provides 24/7 technical support so that if you find any doubts regarding recovery process then you can get assistance from our technical experts.