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In today’s polychromic era, everyone uses digital camera for clicking pictures and storing it either on the memory card of that camera itself or store it on the storage devices like hard disk of computer or USB drives. Nowadays, the world is going to be digital but on the other hand complexity to secure data as well as images files become critical. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you may have lost your memorable pictures getting frustrated, while you are not getting the way to bring back images. You may have deleted or lost your vital photos because of quick format. Sometimes during viewing of photos on digital cameras or mobile phones, you may have accidently select quick format option. Then you can lose all your important images in a single instance.

Think about a scenario, where you have stored images related to your professional project on pen drive. One day when you are attempting to open those pictures stored on pen drive and finding that your vital pictures becomes inaccessible due any photo loss scenarios. You must eject that flash drive and again try to open the images but fails to open. Now you will get irritation and thinks that all your hard work for collecting those pictures goes in the vain. But the situation is quite different, don’t harsh!!! As Picture Recovery application can restore your important picture in few mouse clicks.

Other common way of losing images

Sometimes virus infection causes severe loss of image files from the storage devices. If you have stored important pictures on a storage device, which gets infected by a malicious virus later. Then your image files may become inaccessible or even deleted from the storage devices.

If you have formatted your hard drive without checking its content then there may be the chance of losing image files, if you have stored any of your vital files on that hard drive. Even you cannot get back lost images through any system provided tools.

Some people has the habit of storing pictures on the USB drive for a long period of time and sometimes due to various reasons your storage device may get corrupt and you can lose your vital image files without doing anything wrong.

During transfer of pictures from USB devices to computer or vice-versa, if you have abruptly pulled out the USB device then loss of photos are certain. Because when you have removed pen drive from the system and transferring of file is going on, than process terminates abnormally and causes severe loss of pictures.

Partitioning or repartitioning of hard drive sometimes may causes loss of image files. During partitioning or repartitioning of hard drive if you have not verifies the content then loss of images are definite.

Sometimes you may have deleted your images to free memory space by using shift + delete keys. Images deleted in such a way cannot be brought back easily.

Sometimes during transmission of images from one device to another if your system shuts down due to sudden power surge or through any software glitches. Then there may be the chance of corrupting image files or even deletion of photos may be possible.

If you want to secure your images from these above written image loss scenarios then you need to follow some precautionary measures. Always create and update of your digital photos. So that if you have lost pictures due to any reasons, then you can retrieve it from your backup easily. Make sure of proper power supply and avoid improper termination of any transmission process. Scan your computer by a good quality anti-virus program periodically. It will help you to avoid corruption of images due to virus infection. Always remove USB drives safely from the system to avoid data loss. After losing of data from any storage device, it is highly recommended to not store any images or files on that storage device. Unless, it can override the memory space and rescue become difficult.

Picture Recovery is an advanced featured tool to bring back lost pictures. Even if you have lost pictures from SD cards then also revival of photos from SD card is possible through this software. You can store recovered pictures in any of your desired locations. Preview of recovered picture is possible and it will help you to bring back your desired image files. If your system is having bad sectors on the hard drive and your images become inaccessible then also you can retrieve it through this efficient tool. Rescue jpg images are also possible with the help of this software.