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windows-update-iconHello friends, in this era of technology most of you are using computers to do your work efficiently. In system, an operating system is a fundamental part. It plays a very important role as it manage hardware and software resources and provide the services for system application. There are various types of operating system such as a single user system, template system, multiuser system, single tasking, multitasking system, distributing system, embedded system, real time and library system. All of these OS was designed and developed for performing a specific task and each one of above mentioned having some specific features. Apart from these are some other modern operating system including Android, BlackBerry, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. These OS are communally used by people for their office purpose or personal uses.

All above discussed communally used OS having different version for example, Microsoft Windows system like Win 7, Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. Microsoft launch these system one after one and each one having advanced and updated features compared to previous one. In order to use the advanced features of updated version of OS you need to update your computer to utilize these advanced and newly coming features in your computer. There are some precious that you should follow before updating OS because after updating you may face some difficulty with computers. So the question that arise in your mind that is what to do before upgrading operating system?

I am going to provide some precious measure by which you can easily upgrade your computer without facing any difficulty and will be able to use the updated features of OS. First thing that you must do before upgrading OS that is backup. By using this precious if your data will inaccessible or lost during upgrading, then you can get them back by making the use of it. Second think is compatibility before updating the computer, you should verify the hardware means that upgrading OS is supported by your system hard were or not. If your computer hardware is not compatible with new OS then after updating computer will not work and you will be in big trouble.