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Creative one of the finest names in music devices industry recently introduced a portable speaker in the Sound Blaster range with the model name FRee. As you assume, it works entirely on Bluetooth. It has several features so as to stand against any competitor.

Creative Sound Blaster Portable Speaker FRee Review

It is a beer-shaped device of about 7.9 inch height and 2.78 inch wide. It has an IPX4 water resistance rate so that it can handle splashes of water. But never attempt to put this on a swimming pool. Will you?

Now connectivity. There are several connectivity options available on this device including AUX-in, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and finally a microSD slot. This device supports Multi-point Bluetooth that you allows you to use two connections at a time, when you are connecting this device to get paired up with your mobile device. While pairing, it offers you to make calls with maximum clarity.

The best part about this device is it’s built in MP3 player. You only have to copy MP3 files on a micro SD card and insert it on its microSD slot. The music will now begin to play. You can find several buttons on this device to control music volume, switch between tracks and choose between repeat or shuffle tracks. Anyhow, tracks locked with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be played with this MP3 player. A prominent example is downloads from Apple iTunes store.

You can see this device is equipped with two audio drivers and bass radiators. A very high intensity audio output is what you supposed to get through this. So it is ideal to push the volume around 60%. If you increase up this limit, the bass level can get muffled, and even the vocals tend to be too sharp. So, for most of the rooms, the ideal volume range is between 30-60% where you’ll get crisp vocals and affordable bass levels.

Even though, Creative claims 10-hour battery backup for this device, in real time, it will depend on the volume levels that you are adjusting this device to be. The maximum capacity of microSD card supported by this device is 32 GB. You can purchase this product for ₹12,470 from Amazon.