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mac appleSharing files over the internet has never been easy by using services like We-transfer, Dropbox and even email. Dislike this at which people can send a file to the other side of the globe, sharing data on a local network to the system across the room is still a complex thing. File sharing within a local network has always been a complex process. Even now, the most common way of sharing files is to have a file server by which files can be stored and accessed by people.

Let us think we have an office with two employees these are Jack and Jill. Jack is working on a video file that Jill now wants to access. Jack must copy the video on file server, which takes approximate ten minutes, and then Jill copies it back to her Mac system which also takes about the same amount of time.

Files with small sizes, like text documents and spreadsheets, people can mostly open the file directly on the server and then made the changes back. But for larger files, like video, that Jack and Jill are handled with, it is mostly suggested to copy the file locally to Mac before performing and modification.

For small businesses and home users, dedicated file server concept is applicable and it is also an unnecessary expense. Fortunately, there are a number of other ways by which users can share files between their Macs without having any dedicated server.

AirDrop is an application which was introduced in Mac OS X Lion to easily send files between Macs. With the help of AirDrop app, it is very simple to transfer the files between two different Mac users that are close or connected to the same network. It provides a simple drag and drop interface for sharing files without having to worry about approvals, servers or anything else that user usually have to consider.

Mac OS X has also contained an option to enable the File Sharing service, allowing remote users across a network to read and write files. With it enabled, people can assign access to other users to allow them to copy files to and from their Mac system, but with the ability to set limitations and even particular login information.