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mac appleSharing files over the internet has never been easy by using services like We-transfer, Dropbox and even email. Dislike this at which people can send a file to the other side of the globe, sharing data on a local network to the system across the room is still a complex thing. File sharing within a local network has always been a complex process. Even now, the most common way of sharing files is to have a file server by which files can be stored and accessed by people.

Let us think we have an office with two employees these are Jack and Jill. Jack is working on a video file that Jill now wants to access. Jack must copy the video on file server, which takes approximate ten minutes, and then Jill copies it back to her Mac system which also takes about the same amount of time.

Files with small sizes, like text documents and spreadsheets, people can mostly open the file directly on the server and then made the changes back. But for larger files, like video, that Jack and Jill are handled with, it is mostly suggested to copy the file locally to Mac before performing and modification.

For small businesses and home users, dedicated file server concept is applicable and it is also an unnecessary expense. Fortunately, there are a number of other ways by which users can share files between their Macs without having any dedicated server.

AirDrop is an application which was introduced in Mac OS X Lion to easily send files between Macs. With the help of AirDrop app, it is very simple to transfer the files between two different Mac users that are close or connected to the same network. It provides a simple drag and drop interface for sharing files without having to worry about approvals, servers or anything else that user usually have to consider.

Mac OS X has also contained an option to enable the File Sharing service, allowing remote users across a network to read and write files. With it enabled, people can assign access to other users to allow them to copy files to and from their Mac system, but with the ability to set limitations and even particular login information.

Today Lexar is the most sellers of flash storage units and accessories all around the world, it will speed up your photo storage and speed of transferring will be increased to such a level that you have never seen. Whether the workflow involves the CF card, SD card, XQD card or the combination of any above.

1pc-SD-font-b-USB-b-font-card-2-in-1-Micro-SD-to-SD-ADAPTERLexar XQD cards and reader:

Lexar has its new first up is Lexar’s new Professional 1400x XQD 2.0 card and Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 card. It has a former clocks in which acts as the fastest XQD card which has read speed up to 440MB/second while the latter comes in at read speeds of 210MB/second and it is still impressive.

Keeping in mind that camera is designed with DSLR; the Nikon D4s is only DSLR that is supposed by the XQD format.

Still Nikon has to improve even after being one among the three manufacturers who have collaborated on this format. Canon is still yet to hint at support of XQD, even though it is not impossible and it is seen in the inevitable 1DX successor. The new Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 card of Lexar don’t mix with half of the possible read speeds of 2.0 version of XQD. That was announced in June 2012 for the first time and it is capable of topping out at 1000MB/s of transfer rate.

Lexar has introduced the Professional Workflow XR2 card reader in order to transfer data between your computer and the card, which uses USB 3.0 port to transfer your photos quickly as they have recorded it.

Lexar 2000x SDXC card:

In the presence of Lexar’s new XQD cards, a new brand Professional 2000x SDXC(TM) UHS-II card is released with its own clocks in and SD UHS-II reader that has the read speeds of 300MB/s.

The Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC UHS-II card will be released and was sold on October 2015 and the Price of it was $289.99.

Lexar 3600x and 3500x CFast 2.0 Cards:

First of all the Professional 3600x CFast (TM) 2.0 card was released to optimize for ARRI cameras specifically and the read speed of clocks is up to 540MB/s. Surprisingly Professional 3400x CFast 2.0 card is replaced by the Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 card and it offers the read speed up to 525MB/s.

First of all let us have a look at what is USB-C:

A hot and new industry standard connector and cable that is used for connectivity and power is called as USB-C. The USB Implementers Forum has developed the USB-C connector, and it is the group of companies that has developed, certified, and shepherded the USB standard. Including Dell, Apple, Microsoft, HP and Samsung, it has a membership of over 700 companies.

8fb2df76d2c807ceb8ec716f0ecac318The majority of PC manufacturers has likely accepted these standards and made it very important. A hotbed of buzz worthy products is CES. LaCie and its parent company Seagate are adding more devices for the storage enthusiasts to their teeming stable, including an annual object of desire as well as Porsche Design drives. The external hard drive of the Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is a 9.6mm thick and will fit easily into the back pocket. Its capacity will be 1TB and 2TB in either gold or silver.

With large indented circles like golf ball into the top lid is textured, and the drive comes with Microsoft OneDrive storage of 200GB for two years. LaCie USB-C is going big and to a whole lineup of Porsche Design drives the new ports are added. In 1TB, 2TB and 4TB the Porsche Design Mobile drive is available and ranging from 10-20mm (0.39-0.79-inch) thick.

They are primarily made to be used with laptops and desktops that already have a USB-C port and they come with a USB-C to USB Type-A adapters. The starting price of 1TB Mobile model will be from $209.95. The larger model is coming with 4TB, 5TB, and 8TB in the Porsche Design Desktop Drive. Since it can pass power through its USB-C port to charge laptops the desktop drive is notable like Google Chromebook and Apple MacBook Pixel.

The Chrome is the flashy addition to LaCie’s lineup. The design is done by Neil Poulton and it looks like a shiny rectangular block that emerges from its dome-shaped base. A total of 1TB SSD i.e. two internal 512GB M.2 SATA solid-state drive in a RAID 0 array is available. Through a USB-C port, it uses a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface to give you 940MBps speed that claims by the developer. Like the previous Christofle Mirror and Sphere drives, it is made to show off. $1,100 price tag of the Chrome has an eye watering.

If there is any problem in signing in with your Apple ID password, in order to reset it you need to use these steps and regain access to your account.

apple-id-home-screen-forgot-password-idYou need to use your Apple ID and is the account which is used for everything you do with Apple such as signing in to iCloud, shopping the iTunes Store, buying an app and many more. The email address of your Apple ID is mandatory to reset the password. Here are few ways to find out your Apple ID when you are not sure of which email address is it.

Reset Your Password:

To reset the password you need to go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot on to Apple password or ID. Here enter your Apple ID and then click on to Next.

Here are some ways you can change your password after you enter your Apple ID.

Answer your security questions:

Select “Answer security questions”, if you know the answer to your security questions and then follow the steps to reset your password.

Use email authentication:

There will be a option called “Get an email”, if you select it then an email will be sent to your primary or rescue email address, that can be used to reset your password.

If you use two-step verification:

You can use it to change your password for two-step verification set up. You just need a trusted device and a recovery key. Now just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Recovery Key.
  2. Choose a trusted device and for that a verification code will be sent.
  3. Once you receive the verification code, enter it.
  4. Set a new password and then select Reset Password.

You can’t change your password once you permanently lost your recovery key or access to your trusted device.

If you use two-factor authentication:

You can reset or change your password from your trusted iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, when you have two-factor authentication and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and go to iCloud.
  2. Here tap your name.
  3. In that tap Password & Security.
  4. Go to Change Password and enter a new password.

But these steps will work from a trusted device that too with a device passcode enabled. You can reset your password when you don’t have access to a trusted device. For that follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Apple ID in
  2. Enter the trusted phone number and click Continue.
  3. The verification code will be sent to your trusted phone number and then enter it.
  4. In additional account information request, provide the additional account.
  5. Finally choose your new password.

After you reset your password:

You will be prompted to sign in with the new password; this is after you reset the password.

Creative one of the finest names in music devices industry recently introduced a portable speaker in the Sound Blaster range with the model name FRee. As you assume, it works entirely on Bluetooth. It has several features so as to stand against any competitor.

Creative Sound Blaster Portable Speaker FRee Review

It is a beer-shaped device of about 7.9 inch height and 2.78 inch wide. It has an IPX4 water resistance rate so that it can handle splashes of water. But never attempt to put this on a swimming pool. Will you?

Now connectivity. There are several connectivity options available on this device including AUX-in, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and finally a microSD slot. This device supports Multi-point Bluetooth that you allows you to use two connections at a time, when you are connecting this device to get paired up with your mobile device. While pairing, it offers you to make calls with maximum clarity.

The best part about this device is it’s built in MP3 player. You only have to copy MP3 files on a micro SD card and insert it on its microSD slot. The music will now begin to play. You can find several buttons on this device to control music volume, switch between tracks and choose between repeat or shuffle tracks. Anyhow, tracks locked with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be played with this MP3 player. A prominent example is downloads from Apple iTunes store.

You can see this device is equipped with two audio drivers and bass radiators. A very high intensity audio output is what you supposed to get through this. So it is ideal to push the volume around 60%. If you increase up this limit, the bass level can get muffled, and even the vocals tend to be too sharp. So, for most of the rooms, the ideal volume range is between 30-60% where you’ll get crisp vocals and affordable bass levels.

Even though, Creative claims 10-hour battery backup for this device, in real time, it will depend on the volume levels that you are adjusting this device to be. The maximum capacity of microSD card supported by this device is 32 GB. You can purchase this product for ₹12,470 from Amazon.

Outlook is one of the effective applications that are associated in the MS Office suite and Outlook is used to send emails in an easy manner. In Outlook there are two sub applications called as PST and other is OST. PST stands for Personal Storage Table where as OST stands for Offline Storage Table. PST enables you to read the emails only when you are online where as OST enables you to read the emails even if you are offline.

microsoft-to-roll-out-smart-contact-manager-for-outlook-com-497907-2Recently Microsoft is working on a new set of features for and Outlook on the web makes easy to pick recipients and send an emails to the right person. In early 2016, Outlook will upgrade its accounts with a smart contact manager that will display suggested email addresses and emails in the To: and CC: fields.

Based on your usage a drop-down list will be generated and people who are communicating with recently and most frequently will be added to it. A spell checker will also be included as a new feature that will recommend the right contacts based on the common variations in the spelling of names.

How it’s going to work:

Names of the people you email most frequently will be displayed by Outlook and will correct the spelling mistakes you do with the names of those who you want to send the email. For example if you write “Catherine” instead of “Kathryn”, then also the Outlook will suggest “Kathryn” only.

If you have frequently sent emails to same set of people for example Steve, Anna and Bob, and if in you new email if you include only Steve and Anna, then it will ask you ‘Do you also want to include Bob?’. If prompt will only show when Outlook is highly confident you want to add Bob and will not get in your way.

Also Outlook will add flight information in your calendar and you will receive confirmation from a supported airline ticket provider, it was included by keeping a view of adding to contacts improvements. In the message Outlook will automatically search for key information and will use it to add a new entry in your calendar, without any user interaction.

windows-update-iconHello friends, in this era of technology most of you are using computers to do your work efficiently. In system, an operating system is a fundamental part. It plays a very important role as it manage hardware and software resources and provide the services for system application. There are various types of operating system such as a single user system, template system, multiuser system, single tasking, multitasking system, distributing system, embedded system, real time and library system. All of these OS was designed and developed for performing a specific task and each one of above mentioned having some specific features. Apart from these are some other modern operating system including Android, BlackBerry, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. These OS are communally used by people for their office purpose or personal uses.

All above discussed communally used OS having different version for example, Microsoft Windows system like Win 7, Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. Microsoft launch these system one after one and each one having advanced and updated features compared to previous one. In order to use the advanced features of updated version of OS you need to update your computer to utilize these advanced and newly coming features in your computer. There are some precious that you should follow before updating OS because after updating you may face some difficulty with computers. So the question that arise in your mind that is what to do before upgrading operating system?

I am going to provide some precious measure by which you can easily upgrade your computer without facing any difficulty and will be able to use the updated features of OS. First thing that you must do before upgrading OS that is backup. By using this precious if your data will inaccessible or lost during upgrading, then you can get them back by making the use of it. Second think is compatibility before updating the computer, you should verify the hardware means that upgrading OS is supported by your system hard were or not. If your computer hardware is not compatible with new OS then after updating computer will not work and you will be in big trouble.