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You may be surprised as you turn on your PC- It seized. May be due to power cuts, or cable disconnected from the power plug- whatever the reason you will leave with only option to reboot. Your PC doesn`t recognize the hard drive.

If your BIOS can detect the hard drives, you have fare chances of recovering all your data before re- partition and re-install OS.

In such cases you actually have several options despite how bad the situation is!

  1. Your first option is your Emergency Boot Disk Insert it into your disk drive and reboot. If you can change the directory to your hard drive, then it might possible that your main drive`s Master Boot record has been damaged. Good news is your data is safe, but it`s good to take back up before reloading the Windows.
  2. Also you can always access the data from separate partition (Note: If you have created one) even if you are not able to access the main drive. While booting just check if your partition is visible or not. Make separate copies of your important data before re- installing Windows as it can spread further.
  3. Is a little more complicated if you can’t see any of your partitions, although all is not lost just yet? There are tools that can be used to recover data that has become inaccessible due to a hard-drive failure. For these tools to be useful, your drive needs to be mechanically operational.

Beat way to make sure that the hard drive is mechanically damaged or not is- looking for any possible vibrations of platters. If platters are spinning properly then the drive is all right.

If your dive is mechanically damaged then you will need forensic experts to recover your data back. However logical problems can be resolved by using suitable drive recovery tools. drive recovery software

Continue reading to know more about logical issues and software.

Drive Recovery Software

Software can save your significant amount of money than a data recovery expert. Many of these tools read the file system information for fetching hard drive content. So you will need a healthy Master boot record and accessible drive. But some advanced tools not even need to read the file system information. Such type of tools works by creating a disk image of the drive and can recover the entire drive. Plus point is your drive recovery chances will be fare even after these software fails as it doesn`t overwrite data. There is loads of such software. Pretty notable one is drive recovery utility.