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External hard drives are frequently addressed as HDD (hard disk drives). These are the mass storage devices that are used with computer systems and laptops. The HDD can store any type of data from various sources. When used on system the main purpose will be to store backup data. The external hard drives are almost similar to internal drives i.e. system hard disk, only differentiation is that the internal hard drive comes as built-in within the computer system and external hard drive has to be connected through USB port externally to the system.

The hard drives that are used by most of the users are quite common and similarly users facing problems with these drives are also common. One major problem is hard drive crash. And there exist many reasons that can lead to hard drive crash. Assume a scenario that you were performing some data transfer and suddenly the system froze due to some errors during the process. This caused damage to the external hard drive that was connected to the system. When you restarted the system to continue the data transfer, the external drive was crashed. This made all the data present on the drive to be inaccessible. And now you have lost certain most important files of data. If this is the case you are facing do not panic! There is a right solution to solve this issue. Make use of recovery software to recover crashed external hard drive data. The software performs complete recovery of all the files present on the hard drive that is been crashed. You may come across the following cases too that might lead to hard drive crash.

Here you can go through the other cases of data loss from hard drives –

  • Accidental formatting – Formatting process erases all the pointer links to the data that was stored on the drive. Thus the data is still present on the drive but not visible to the operating system as there are no pointer value for any data file. Thus you may lose data.
  • System shutdown – While switching off the computer system, make sure that all the running applications are completely closed. Else the shutdown process may corrupt certain files. So if you accidentally shutdown the system when external hard drive is still in use then the drive might crash at certain point.
  • Hard drive bad sectors – If there are any bad sectors on the hard drive then the hard drive might definitely crash because presence of bad sectors on the hard drives will affect its performance.
  • Harmful malware – Usually the hard disk data will become corrupt when it is affected by virus and if the drive is severely affected then the hard drives might suddenly crash.

These are some of the scenarios that could result in hard drive crash and simultaneously data loss. And the best remedy to get back the lost data may be using recovery software. The program features may be stated below:

  • It successfully allows you restore crashed hard drive information.
  • Information from crashed hard disks of the brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Sony, WD, etc could be restored without difficulty.
  • Software supports recover file from external hard disk drives having different file systems like FAT16, NTFS5, HFS+, FAT32, HFS5, etc

The application enables us to utilize software for Windows and Mac version OS separately. In order to experiment with the software program, download it here. If the process of recovery is a useful one then you can definitely go for complete software.