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Brief description of WMA files:

WMA is an audio file extension that is used with Windows Media Player. The short form of WMA is Windows Media Audio; it is a Microsoft’s file format which is used compressing audio data in it. WMA is available both in audio codec and audio format. It is the proprietary of the Windows Media Framework and it is a competitor for other audio formats such as Real Audio formats and MP3.

Files are compressed in WMA format at high rate than MP3. There are various versions in WMA codec like WMA is the original codec, WMA is a lossless codec used for storage and archival purpose. Using this, it can compress audio data without losing quality; WMA voice is a lossy codec designed for low bandwidth voice playback applications, WMA pro is an improved lossy codec specially designed for audio professionals

However, an incidence happens with the WMA files stored in the Windows system may get deleted in some or the other way. In such case, user may want to recover deleted WMA files and they start searching for it over the internet or blogs and forums. But, most of the time they will get incomplete answer or unable to find solution at all. Thus, user might be anxious and think what to do. Hence, there is no need to get worried because there is one solution for your entire problem.

Whatever may be the reasons for deleting WMA files from Windows PC? With the aid of Recover Media Files Software user can recover deleted WMA files that are erased in various situation easily without any difficulty. This software has been developed by group of IT professional and it has specially scanning algorithm that scans for deleted files from the computer storage device. User can use this tool not only for recovering deleted WMA files but it can also get back other audio file formats such as WAV, MP3, AMR, AIFF, MIDI and many more.

Scenarios for deletion of WMA files:

Let have a glance over deletion or lose of WMA files from the Windows PC:

  • Due to human errors WMA files may get deleted for example while using system user might delete WMA files unintentionally from the PC itself. This will lead to deletion of favorite WMA files.
  • If the system is infected by the severe malicious programs such as Trojan, malware, spyware, viruses. It may damage or corrupt file system of the storage device or when user scan the device for checking viruses with the updated antivirus. Due to viruses the WMA files may get infected and antivirus software might be detected as an suspicious files and delete it. This will results in loss of WMA files.
  • Assume user wants to transfer the WMA files from the Windows system. During this process, if the system suddenly get shut down due to power failure or some other reasons resulting in loss of WMA files.

Why to use Recover Media Files Software?

This software provides the best way to recover deleted WMA files with ease.

  • It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac OS.
  • The program is available as a freeware for trial, which enables customers to check the efficiency of this product and user can preview recovered WMA files before going to purchase the product.
  • Recover Media Files Tool is free from viruses.