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The system’s hard disk drive has a large storage capacity and preserves or stores lots of data files. Sometimes HDD may get overfilled, in such scenarios commonly user think to remove or delete some of the unnecessary or unimportant files that were already stored in the hard drive. Therefore, one can make some free space to save the new files or to install latest applications. It is common with all the system users, but some scenarios may cause complete deletion of the files stored on the system. If you are trying to find out permanently deleted files from your system’s drives, then you must make use of an efficient data recovery program that can restore deleted files.

In fact the permanently disappeared files from your PC are recoverable until and unless they are overwritten by new data. The truth is, only the index of the deleted file is marked a free, hence it can be used by a new file. In earlier days the process of  recovering permanently deleted files from your system was difficult task. Nowadays with the advanced technology, it has become simple and easy process with the help of recovery application. Here you have File Undelete software that restores files irrespective of the deletion scenario.  It can unerase files without even modifying the original content of the files and then saves them in a various accessible storage location.

Reasons behind deletion of files on system:

Accidentally deleting files using Shift + Delete Keys: Often users make mistakes, when they unknowingly delete any valuable documents or file by pressing Shift + Delete Keys. The files get erased completely and bypass the system temporary folder i.e Recycle Bin. Now you can also unerase those files efficiently in your PC using previously discussed application.

Unintended removal of data files from Recycle Bin: By pressing “Delete” option accidentally unknowingly while retrieving some unintentionally deleted files from Recycle Bin or by selecting “Empty Recycle Bin” option results in deletion of data files.

Files get deleted by third party applications: This one of common scenarios, the unauthenticated third-party applications may delete valuable data files from your system due to some malfunctions.

Some other reasons behind the deletion of files are:

  • Accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin contents
  • Recycle Bin Oversizing issues may also lead to permanent deletion of some important files
  • Removing files in the MS-DOS command prompt using Del commands is also tends to complete deletion of files
  • Abrupt system shutdown due to power surge issues and many more.

Whenever you found above deletion scenario on your PC, don’t delay any more immediately restore deleted files using File Undelete software.

NOTE: Try to keep your anti-virus application up to date, since viruses or malwares may infect files and ends up with severe panic stricken situations.

Amazing features of File Undelete application:

This software provides a great support to retrieve all kinds of deleted files from Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc. At the same time you can also get this tool to restore deleted files from Mac Trash operating system. You can also restore files deleted from Trash Mac efficiently. This edition also supports restoration of files from all versions of the Macintosh OS. It has a user friendly interface that helps to rescue files without any prior knowledge. It can recover more than 280 different file formats based on their file extension, name, size and date of creation. It is also facilitates to view a recovered files in data type view or File type view. You can also make use of free demo version of the application to examine the recovery results. If you satisfied with the restoration outcomes, then purchase licensed version.