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Desktop or Laptop consumers often face the issue of getting their data deleted from the hard drive. You could possibly lose your important files/folders/data while repartitioning or partitioning the physical drive or hard disk to several logical drives partitions. Most of you obtain crucial computer data deleted or even you may find your data deleted, because of partitioning, repartioning or might be some times because of accidental formatting and reformatting of the hard drive.

Here’s the very common illustration of accidentally formatting the drive that numerous computer users perform while formatting the specific drive on his or her PC. For example you wished to format the D Drive of your respective computer but, by mistake you end up picking the full physical drive.  Now you’ve deleted all of the data saved on the Hard Drive of your PC at time of formatting.  So in this particular situation, you’ll certainly seek out some back up to restore  deleted files. But   suppose that, if the support that you took as a backup also fails then what would be your next step.  If it is the situation  with you, where you  have formatted your  hard drive as well as the  support  which you had taken earlier, before formatting the physical drive  is also  not  useful to  encounter your deleted files, then here  is the better choice that you can opt.

It’s likely you have stored your beautiful images, favorite movies and songs;   however you deleted all of them while formatting.  There   are a couple of scenarios available when   folks delete their assortment of movies, documents, reports, pictures, videos, etc stored on your PC. You can find your files, folders, knowledge information, deleted in the event when you accidentally press the “Shift + Delete” key on the keyboard of your respective computer. Files may also get deleted from a computer, if you are transferring any file stored on your PC to some other external drives like USB drive, pen drives cellular phones, etc.

Besides video clips videos files, image files, movies, etc. MS excel file recovery  is well capable of managing the distortions occurring in Word files. And, also it could reunite all form of DOCX and DOC files missing on your computer. The application is fast and speedy in its function to acquire back a deleted file through the physical drive of your computer.  It could generate a new healed file from the damage doc file and stays intact with the original word file.

Characteristics of the Challenging Software

  • This tool is capable enough to discover to all sorts of document files, photos, audio/video files which are found to be deleted on your PC, by making use of their unique signatures.  You can know best way to undelete photos
  • The software provides demo version, to enable you account the functionality of the application once before you purchasing it. You will get back all your deleted photos, videos, songs, movies, etc back to you within couple of seconds
  • This software is able to recover files deleted on Mac also. Functionality of the tool is equally versatile, accurate, and efficient on both MAC and Windows. It is able to recover file deleted from MAC too.

Note: Don’t forget regarding the software; this software is obtainable with the demo version, free of cost to the users. So, that you can enjoy its features, before buying the tool, and also feel the transparency offered by this software. But it rescues its demo users from saving of these revived files. It’ll collect each of the deleted files through the selected drive and will let you have a preview. If you wish to save these retrieved files through this application, then ought to purchase it.

In this era of digitization technology is getting enhanced and digitized by leaps and bounce. Laptops and desktop are the modern world devices that are often seen in most of the hands. People have become habitual of these equipment. Without mobile phones, digital camera and internet Today’s generation might feel like “life is hell”. Cell phones have reached almost every household in each country throughout the world.

Now a day’s people use to take portable devices like laptops, Mac Book, iMac, etc with them every time. So that they could capture images, recall their previous images, etc. and can also share all of these with their friends and relatives that to just on a click. Also they can keep themselves in touch with their business, clients, and employees as most of the business in today’s world is carried out through the internet. As we can carry on our business from any part of the world, enjoy wonderful moments with the utilization of these equipment and feel happy just on a press. Similarly we can also delete our business documents, image files, video files etc. within a snap of time if we just hit a single wrong button. This is a very troublesome situation sometimes.

You can get your complex and crucial documents, precious images, memories, favorite music files, etc deleted on   your Windows or Mac operating system. . But, No worries all your critical business documents, project reports photos. XL sheets, PPT files, etc. are not out of your reach Use restore deleted files on Mac to regain all your files back on Mac Pro, Mac book, iMac, etc. All the files that you have deleted can be found and stored back in a safe and secure way. We have got a very easy, simple and even time saving resolution to deal with these kinds of troubling situations. If you are facing the problem of files deleted by any means, we have got a simple method for this problem.

What happens when a file is deleted and how the software rescues your deleted files??

You might be very eager to know about this application. Number of questions might be striking in your mind that what it is about, how it works, etc. To know this you must first understand that what exactly happens when a file is deleted. As we have mentioned above this Software can get back all your files that have got deleted, doesn’t matter what is the type of file .You can get  all your document files , excel, PPT, media files deleted. Deleted excel file recovery is the product that can bring back your entire deleted files.

The condition is only that, the files deleted must not get overwritten. It is a general assumption that, when you delete files on your Mac or Windows System it gets stored on the “Trash or Recycle Bin” respectively.  So you can easily restore your deleted files from the bin by simply double clicking on it. But there is a case that you had emptied your bin by clicking on “Shift + Delete” Command, then file inside it will be permanently deleted.

Now it is not that much easy to salvage your deleted files from the bin. Actually when you hit Shift + Delete” it means that you have deleted only the address of the file stored in the  Recycle Bin and also it is indicating availability of empty space for the new incoming files to be stored. But the information stored in the files is still present in the hard disk of your system.

Because it has lost its address so the system will overwrite these files with the new coming data. For the recovery of deleted files you must avoid occurrence of this situation. Because if once the deleted files get overwritten then no software can capture your deleted files. Rest it is the application’s responsibility to get back your files that is deleted from your PC. As we know that deleted files are still residing on the hard disk of your system. So the application makes use of this fact to   bring back all your deleted files. It scans each and every sector of the selected drive to find deleted files and present it before you.

Free demo version of this application is available. You can use the demo version of this application and check out its efficiency but note that it will not allow you to save your files. You can only preview your restored deleted files with the demo version. If you are satisfied with the performance of the tool you can purchase it and after that can save your revived deleted files any format on your system


I am using a Mac OS x lion for my Mac book. I used third party software to clean my PC to clean my PC safari browser cache only. But unfortunately it just emptied the trash also. I kept some of the future important file in that listing. I need that now is there any specific mac hard drive recovery tool that solves these kinds of topics. If so give me a hint?

I am using a Mac book. Routinely I tried to start my Mac but suddenly the system freezes and shows “An error occurred during the file system checking”. Along with this I lost my trash files as well. How to resolve this issue and suggest me a good tool for mac data recovery software?

There is a lesson to be taught regarding using third party software to clean the computer hard drive. Before using a third party tool like c cleaner you have to make sure what are the default function of that tool and moreover try to learn the outcome of each and every functions contained in it. Now the data can be recovered with the help of a recovery tool but only to some level. If you use the third party tool performs defragmentation to the drive the chance of recovery is negligible and expensive too.

Whenever you turn on your Mac OS, you will get an error like “An error occurred during the file system check” or occasionally, you may get “inode Error” in Mac. These error messages which are due to file system corruption or there may be a change in the file index pointer. The difference between the errors messages are, primary one is because the file system in the hard drive may lose its initial data which is required to initiate the file process action. The second is similar to the first but the data inaccessible is due to big memory fetch required by the process and not available at present. In both of the scenarios there is a chance to lose the files in the trash directory because whenever you move a file to trash only the files index pointer will be moved to the trash directory. The rest actual file will remains in the drive storage. The files that got around the trash folder can be recovered easily with the help of recovery software. 

Small amounts of of the valid reasons that support the tool are

  • Ø Tremendously capable of restoring files from unmounted disk volumes and hard disks with bad sectors
  • Ø This tool alone is much enough to recover datas from both internal and external storage devices.
  • Ø Tender good support for Mac OS X and other versions and a better performer in HFS+ and HFSX file systems
  • Ø Recovers almost all type of file formats from Mac volumes without any difficulty.

Some use full points to remember

  • Ø Do not save any files on the Mac hard disk from where you lost or deleted the data file directories. Once the files are deleted they are not permanently condensed. They exist on the hard disk drive until the storage space where the files were stored is overwritten either by new files or by some other third party tools. it is better to avoid using hard drives
  • Ø Avoid installing Mac trash recovery tool or any other application on the same drive that has been formatted or from where you have erased the data files. Once the data is recovered using Mac trash recovery software, keep it on other healthy drive to avoid permanent data loss

Desirable persons can reach the download option from here and make use of the installation notes for further help.

Windows Operating system is the product of Microsoft which comes in 3 different variations like Home premium, professional and Ultimate. Windows 7 is the latest and fully loaded with new features that is the reasons why many people prefer to use Windows 7. If you are Windows 7 user and looking to recover lost or deleted data from Windows 7 then here is the solution. NowWindows 7 recovery is very easy by using Windows file recovery software. There are lots of reasons behind the data loss from Windows 7. For example, MBR (Master Boot Record) is the piece of code stored in the system hard drive partition which contains the information regarding your hard drive like, number of partition, or its total size etc. If your system unable to find this information or if this MBR gets corrupted due to virus infection or drive failure system fails to boot. So that you are unable to retrieve stored information regarding the drive and your drive becomes unusable and results into loss of data.

There are lots of situation in which you lose your files or folders. In each step, you need Windows file recovery software to recover lost and deleted data. Some of those reasons of data loss are like

  • Human error: accidental use of shift+ Delete option or accidental emptying recycle bin,
  • Hazardous threats: virus or malware attack on the Windows files or folders.
  • Improper operations like: while transferring files from Windows system to external data storage unexpected system turn off etc.

These are the very common situations due to which daily many people lose their Windows files. But nowadays technology progressed allot and it is good news that you are able to recover all lost and deleted data from Windows system very easily by using third party tool like, Windows file recovery software. But before knowing about the software lets know few precautions, which will be helpful to prevent Windows data. You can keep updated antivirus in your system and also you can use the good quality of UPS to avoid unexpected system shutdown. Along with these try to keep daily backup of your system data regularly so that it will be helpful in case of any critical data loss condition.

Windows file recovery software is one of the powerful and advanced recovery software, which helps to scan entire hard drive within a short time period. This software is able to recover lost and deleted files from formatted, re-formatted drives even this software helps to recover data after re-installing Windows OS. This software is capable to recover deleted and inaccessible files from crashed hard drive as well as system which does not boot. Windows File recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003. You can download free demo version of this software and try for recovery. This software is very user friendly and very efficient to recover lost data.



Are you currently wondering for solution to recover your deleted/ lost external hard drive data? In that case your journey ends here. Data recovery software is finest the answer for all of your external hard drive related data loss problems. With data recovery software it is simple to recover all you’re lost or deleted file from external hard drive. It’s an advanced removable hard disk drive recovery application exclusively designed by experts for Windows and Mac machines to revive deleted or lost files. Data recover programs is having interactive graphical user interface so even a nontechnical user can also restore their lost and deleted file back.

Losing an essential files and folder is really an unbearable situation, however these days it is becoming quite typical. That’s why it will always be advice to maintain a back of crucial files. There are enormous reasons because of which users lose their vital data from external hard drive. The most prominent reason is the improper ejection of the external hard disk during file transferring process. In this fast growing world everybody wants to save their time and though in hurry sometime they remove their external drive without ejecting it properly. This carelessness will leads to the info loss from external hard drive because sudden ejection corrupts the file system of the drive and makes in inaccessible. To make use of this corrupted portable drive further you need to format it, which eventually will erases entire data from it. In these circumstances use data recovery application to perform external hard drive data recovery.

Recovery can be done because formatting an external hard disk drive does not mean you have lost important computer data permanently. Deleted files and folders lies somewhere in drive itself, it’s not actually deleted , just the pointers that contains the address of the stored file is removed and set that space as free. So there is chance for you to recover your lost data back by utilizing advance file recovery tool. But keep one thing in mind that recovery possible, until that deleted that is not overwritten with the new files.

Besides improper ejection, there are many other reasons which cause loss of data from external hard disk, among which virus or malware infection on hard drive is the common one. Virus infection on system hard disk drive became very common today, the majority of the computer users are facing this issue. We could avoid this problem by using antivirus program but we can’t completely erase it.

In addition to virus infection, accidental deletion of files, external drive corruptions due to bad sectors are a few more reasons behind loss of data from external drive. It makes the hard drive inaccessible and it becomes mandatory for you to format it which in turn will erase the entire data from it. To use this tool you can download its free trial version from internet. Software manual narrates you in using software. Have a preview of recovered files through this you can estimate the chance of recovery. If the result of trial version is satisfactory then go for licensed version of this tool.

MS Windows Vista operating system is produced by Microsoft. It is launched in numerous variations for utilizing on personal computers and they comprise home edition and business edition for desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC, and media center PC. Though, data loss on the Windows vista installed systems may take place owing to various data loss situations. Most vista based computer users make the common error is that accidental deletion of significant files such as Word documents, Excel files, photos, videos and some other text files from the hard drive. However, if you are the one who deleted the Excel files from your computer by mistake, do not worry since the best file recovery software allows you to get back the deleted files.

For the most part of the people will be aware of even the files removed from the Recycle Bin can be restored. As per my knowledge concerned it is possible to retrieve deleted file even if it is bypassed the Recycle Bin or emptied the Recycle Bin. Once you delete the file or you make Recycle Bin empty then the deleted or lost file is not erased permanently on the hard disk. Even after deleting the file, it still resides on the hard disk and as an alternative of erasing the deleted file, that area will be reallocated for new data storage and file pointers will be reset. Now the problem is how to undelete files in Windows vista installed systems?

In case you have accidentally deleted the Excel files from the hard drive, you have the probability to recover deleted Excel files until a new data will overwrites on them. By taking the advantage of a good quality file recovery software, you can easily recover deleted or lost files from the hard disk. A few typical case scenarios in which the files can be deleted or lost from the hard disk are briefly described below.

The files stored on hard disk drive may get delete because of various situations like interruption in between the file transmission process which is taking place in between hard disk and any other storage device, accidental deletion of the file using ‘Shift + Delete’ key combination, deleting the file through command prompt, improper shutdown of system due to power failure during cut and pasting the files from one place to another on the hard disk, Recycle Bin exceeding its maximum size limit, and emptying the Recycle Bin etc. Let us briefly explain the above case scenarios one by one.

Suddenly if you emptied the recycle bin then there will be a possibility to loss of files on the hard disk.

Assume that you have attached the memory card to your PC and transferring few files from hard disk to memory card. In the period of file transmission process if you accidentally ejected the memory card then this may bring about a loss of files on the hard disk.

Suppose you are moving a few files from ‘D’ drive to ‘F’ drive using Cut and Paste command. If unknown error is encountered before ending up the file transfer then there is a chance to missing of files on the hard disk.

Anyhow, in order to retrieve your deleted or lost files from the hard disk you have to make use of an appropriate file recovery software. This software can efficiently recuperate the deleted or lost files from the hard disk and better works on various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2003, and Windows server 2008. You can also get the demo tool from the internet and test the file recovery process prior to buy the software.