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Files are the most crucial source of medium to identify data in particular structure, files are of different kinds such as text files, image files, audio files, video files etc. The files could be easily identified by analyzing the file extensions. However, you may encounter your file loss or deletion scenarios with your computer for example when you have saved your important files in your particular drive and accidentally for those who have performed format action on that drive then its quite natural to get rid of the huge amount of files from that drive.

If you have come across with this sort of file loss scenarios then you don’t need to worry now because nowadays many file recovery software can be found to recover the lost or deleted files out of your system. Among them “File Recovery Software” has effective recovery techniques and applying this software you can recover every single lost or deleted file from your PC.

Most User confronted file deletion or lost scenarios of files

Drive Partitioning: If you have completed drive partitioning by utilizing “Disk Management” utility in such case if any problem occurs then their might be chance of file deletions as well as partition deletion.

Abrupt System Shutdown: If you are carrying out any file edit task during this period if you failed in order to save the current work done and in this if you encounter unexpected system shutdown then it leads to file getting loss.

File Transfer Error: If you find any file loss scenario throughout the file transfer process, such as if you’re transferring files from removable device towards the system and in this method if a sudden ejection of removable device takes places then it leads to file loss.

Third Party Applications: Today most of the third party applications can be found to edit pictures or even audio cutter etc. In the event you perform any task by utilizing any untrusted tools and then sometime these tools may possibly delete your files.

Most reliable features of File Recovery Software

  • This tool has been considered among the best File Recovery Tool which can perform any type of file recovery task within just less time.
  • This tool has capacity to recover files from hard disk partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, as well as NTFS5 etc.
  • It could also possible to recover files from removable storage devices like Pen drive, Flash Drive, SD card, iPods etc.
  • This File Recovery Tool can certainly install and run in Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • It can also set u and perform recovery operation on Mac operating system.
  • The “Preview” option of this software allows you to preview recovered files, by this feature it enables you to evaluate the capability from the software before purchase.
  • This tool has capacity to recover files of image, audio tracks, video, text file, excel file etc. For More information about excel file recovery click this link:

Precautions to prevent file loss or deletion

  • Don’t go for format the drive or system it might results in huge volume of file loss.
  • Make utilization of UPS for your PC because it will prevent your system from abrupt system shutdown.
  • Avoid using untrusted third party tools for picture edit or for just about any other work.