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In classic cameras you may have seen that there were no flash cards so after clicking photos they used to spend much time in dark room to develop the photos, today this kind of situation is completely eliminated by making use of Compact Flash cards. Yes, nowadays CF card has gained popularity because of its flexible features such as huge amount of data storage capacity etc. However by making use of suitable card reader you can view photos from CF card after connecting it to your system.

Perhaps after considering striking features of CF card, you should also know the data loss scenarios of CF card. Unlike other memory card CF card is also having data loss scenarios and if your CF card has lost or deleted any data from it, then no need to worry because you can make use of a reliable tool to recover photos from compact flash card. This recovery task can be accomplished by making use of CF card recovery software.

Data loss or deletion scenarios from compact flash card

  • Interruption during Data Transfer: While photo transfer process is in progress between CF card and system. In such case if sudden system shuts down occurs then your photo are in threat of getting lost from the card
  • Formatting:  As you know in both the cases like intentional formatting or unintentional formatting data loss is common. Sometimes without taking the backup of CF card you may go for formatting the card or due to severe virus attack sometimes your CF card stops the data access from it, in such case forcefully you go for formatting the card.
  • Accidental Deletion: While previewing photos from camera sometimes you may select valid photo to delete instead of unwanted photo and press delete button, during this process you will lose photos from your CF card.

 Most striking features of CF card recovery software

  • This CF Card recovery software helps you to recover data from 32 GB CF card as well as 64 GB cards with its advanced scanning algorithm.
  • This tool has capability to recover data from different CF card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • This advanced utility is designed in such a way that by making use of this tool you can recover different files such as documents, zip files, audio files and many more
  • This application has capacity to support Type-I and Type-II Compact Flash memory cards.
  • Most reliable CF card recovery tool has capability to recover different image file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPG etc.
  • This product also support to recover RAW and CR2 type of image files.
  • This software is well designed with “preview” option which helps you to know about recovered data before going to purchase the licensed version of CF recovery product.
  • This software perfectly works on Mac and Windows based operating system. To know more in details go through this link:

Precautions to avoid data loss scenarios

  • Avoid interrupting while data transfer process is in progress.
  • Prevent virus attack by using updated antivirus tool.
  • Always remove the CF card using safe removal option instead of abruptly removing.