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QuickTime is a multimedia framework which handles various sets of file format such as digital videos, audios, pictures, movies and so on. It is most popular media player to play video files of all formats.

quicktime-mov-fileDue to various issues if you are not able to play video file in QuickTime. Your video file may corrupted/damaged which is needed to be repaired. What to do in such cases? How to fix QuickTime movie?

If you find video files are corrupted/damaged and unable to play, no need to worry!!! You can easily fix by using Repair QuickTime software which fix the issue in few simple steps without any level of difficulty.

Simple steps to repair QuickTime Videos:

Step 1: Download QuickTime Repair software and install it on your operating system.

Step 2: After successful installation of software Run the application to fix QuickTime movie.

Step 3: Browse and select your repair QuickTime video file which is to be fixed.

Step 4: Scanning process to repair QuickTime file will be initiated. You can preview the healthy repaired video file after successful completion of scan.

Step 5:  Purchase software if you are using demo version to save healthy repaired QuickTime video file on your desired location.

Follow the above steps to repair QuickTime video files that are damaged/corrupted.

Different framework that makes video files unplayable in QuickTime:

If video files are corrupted/damaged and when you try to play you will come across the error: 2048 that couldn’t open the file. While converting video file of one format to other format using some tertiary application may damage your video files. Most of the time video files gets corrupted/damaged due to bad factors, program crash and unable to play in QuickTime. Sudden shut down/external factors which leads to 2048 error may also results in corrupting video file.

Trending features of Repair QuickTime software:

This software is user friendly and compatible which scans the damaged or corrupted movie file in few simple mouse clicks. This software has a capability to fix QuickTime movie of various formats such as mp4, MOV, 3GP, etc. Video formats recorded on different camera like Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Casio, etc. can be easily repaired. This software has strong scanning mechanism which repair audio stream and video stream individually and separately then later re-adjoins them together to get a new healthy video file.

Sticky notes to prevent QuickTime damage:

Compressing a QuickTime video file by using inappropriate tertiary tool should be avoided or taken care. Downloaded video should be virus/malware free. Proper care should be taken while transferring video file.

Repair QuickTime application is specially integrated with strong algorithm and provides the better solution to fix video file not working on QuickTime in simple procedural steps.

mp4Many users face different types of corruption issues related to MP4 video file formats. People can use Apple Mac operating system for editing and adding new stuff on it. You are about to complete your work at that time, but due to some unknown or known causes, mp4 video file gets damaged. This painful mp4 file corruption issue can arrive when you try to convert the mp4 file to some other video file format and your system get shutdown due to sudden power outages or any other unknown causes. After that when you start your Mac computer and try to play your mp4 file, then you may get an error message like Unable to play, as it is corrupted or unable to play in this media player.

In this circumstance, you may try to get the solution to overcome from this mp4 video file corruption problem. This corrupted mp4 video file can be easily fixed with the help of an advanced third party tool like MP4 Repair Mac software. This hassle free approach has enough power to perform damaged mp4 file repair Mac systems within few simple mouse clicks. Even this app can also be utilized by a non-technical user and easily repair corrupted mp4 video file.

Common Causes of MP4 Video Files Damaging:

Interruption Between MP4 File Transferring Process: For instance, when you want to transfer mp4 file from any external drive to the system drive or vice versa, then you must be sure that device is connected with the system properly until the mp4 file is not transferred successfully, if not then there could be possible that mp4 file may get damaged.

Unexpected System Turns Off: Sometimes, while watching mp4 videos on Mac system, you may directly remove the plug from switchboard by which system gets shutdown abruptly. Due to this. Mp4 video file which is currently playing on system may get damaged and displays an error message when you try to play it.

Header Corruption of MP4 File: Every file has a file header which contains some basic information about the file such as creation date, file type, modify date, size, file signature, etc. If this file header of mp4 file gets damaged due to virus infection or any other reasons, then there is a chance of mp4 file corruption.

Features of MP4 Repair Mac Software:

  • With the help of this easy to use app, you can easily overcome from damaged mp4 file repair Mac system without affecting the original corrupted mp4 video file.
  • This read only tool supports to repair damaged, broken, corrupted, not playable or non-sync mp4 file within few simple mouse clicks.
  • MP4 Repair Mac program is capable of damaged mp4 file repair Mac systems such as Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Yosemite without any more difficulty.
  • It has enough power to repair damaged mp4 file which can be saved in any data storage devices, including external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, flash drive, Solid State Drive, memory sticks and many others.
  • MP4 Repair Mac allows you to take the preview of repaired mp4 video file before saving it to other memory location easily.

Repair Damaged MOV File software is a unique and effective utility that assist you to fix the damaged or corrupted GoPro video files. It supports to repair GoPro video files from all various types of data storage devices that are connected with Mac and Windows systems. You can successfully fix up the unplayable video file format such as AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, etc on GoPro digital camera.

GoPro Inc is an American based leading digital camera manufacturing brand which is used to capture high definition videos with the help of advanced features of GoPro digital camera. Popular models of GoPro digital camcorder are GoPro Hero plus LCD, GoPro Hero4 Black, Hero4 Sliver, Hero 3, Hero 2, GoPro Helmet Hero, Hero 96, GePro HD, etc. At times, most of the GoPro digital camcorder users experience the unplayable video files due to some of the general corruption issues such as virus or worms attack on video files, interruption while sharing the video files, mishandling of GoPro digital cameras, presence of bad sector on the hard drive, etc. Are you suffering from such kind of corruption or damage on video files? Don’t be tensed or worry you get back again your video or MOV files to normal status by using the best and most trusted repair tool known as Repair Damaged MOV File application.

Some of the various reasons of corruption or damage of video files:   

  • Sometimes, during playing GoPro video files, if your laptop or computer gets abrupt shuts down because of power failure then there might be possibility of damage or corruption of MOV file. In such scenarios you need to use reliable repair tool to get back your favorite GoPro video file.
  • While sharing or moving GoPro video files from your laptop to other data storage media if any sort of interruption occurs then there may be a chance of corruption or damage video files.
  • The file header of GoPro video file contains details such file size, creation or modification date of MOV file, file name etc. If this header of file gets damaged or corrupted due to harmful virus or malware then this leads to damage of GoPro video file.
  • While capturing some of the crucial moments as a videos, if your GoPro camera or camcorder locking up or freezing of GoPro camera due to low battery or extreme temperature can lead to corruption of video files.

These are the few causes of behind the damage of GoPro video file. By using GoPro corrupt video repair tool you can fix the damaged MOV file.

Specifications of Repair Damaged MOV File:

  1. By using this repair utility, you can fix all MOV files from dissimilar types of hard drives such as ATA, SATA, IDE, PATA, and SCSI.
  2. Repair Damaged MOV File application is compatible on Leopard, Lion, Windows XP, Snow Leopard, Windows 7/8, and Yosemite.
  3. It is capable to repair GoPro corrupted video file that are stored on various memory card including SD cards, CF cards, MMC cards, XD cards, etc.
  4. This repair tool supports to fix the corrupted MOV video file from USB hard drive, mobile phone, memory stick, pen drive, and SSD hard drive.
  5. It provides you to patch-up damaged GoPro video files successfully and effortlessly from hard drives formatted with FAT32, NTFS5, FAT32, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS, and HFS.
  6. The free demo version allows you to preview all the repaired files before restoration of them on any storage disk.


Xvid file is one type of video file format which provides high quality video. It is one of the most popular video file formats which are used over internet. Corruption of Xvid movie file stored in storage device is quite common. Most of the users store their favorite video clip or movie file in XVID file format. Movies are the best way to entertain oneself. Today, you can carry your Xvid video file wherever you want in external drive. But as storage devices are prone to corruption you cannot avoid loss of files. Not only this, your Xvid file may get corrupted due to various reasons. It is really an awful moment for movie lovers to lose Xvid movie file. Wondering how to fix Xvid file? Well, there is good news for you; you can perform the fixing process by making use of the repair tool.

Xvid video file corruption indicates missing track from complete file. Suppose you have downloaded Xvid video file & as soon as you try to play VLC player, error message appears on your computer screen indicating that Xvid is damaged. You might be going crazy thinking how it became corrupted. You will get all your queries solved here by reading this article. First let us discuss some other cases that may corrupt Xvid file.

Possible reasons that may lead to Xvid corruption:


  • While playing Xvid movie file, if your system turns down abruptly due to power surge, hard drive failure, system crash, etc. then your Xvid file may get corrupted.
  • Due to software malfunction, XVID video files may get damaged. In such situation , if you don’t have back up of your important files, then you may end up with severe loss of files
  • While you were transferring files from external storage device to other storage device if you pull out the external drive abruptly which is connected to your system then also there is a chance of Xvid file corruption.
  • If you are recording video in your digital camera or camcorder & at that time if it is showing low battery message then also there is a possibility of loss of files.
  • While converting Xvid file to any other video file format using unreliable third party tool then also there is a chance for Xvid file corruption
  • File system corruption is also one of the major problem due to which you may come across Xvid file corruption. File system may also get corrupted due to virus attack, improper system shutdown, power failure. In this case your Xvid file present in  your computer may become inaccessible
  • Xvid header may get corrupted due to intrusion of viruses due to which you will not be able to access Xvid files.

No matter whatever may be reason for Xvid corruption you will be able to fix Xvid by using repair tool . This Xvid video file format can be fixed by using this tool to repair broken Xvid file inbuilt with powerful algorithm It also facilitates Fixing of Xvid file from different types of data storage device like hard disk, memory cards, USB drives, memory sticks, external HDD, memory cards. There are also other reasons that can corrupt Xvid file due to virus infection, improper download, file system corruption, etc. and it can be fixed in a simple way without any difficulty by using this application. It works on Windows as well as Mac Operating System with utmost ease. This software can also be executed to perform video repair of file format Divx, Avi, MOV, MP4, etc.


Presentation slides are a file created by Microsoft PowerPoint program of MS Office. It creates impressive PPT files for education as well as business purpose. Using this application you can school manuals, create business reports, promotional banners, etc. It can also be saved in various file formats such as PPTX, PPS & PPSX. But sometimes you may come across situation where you may encounter PPT file corruption due to certain reasons like file system corruption, virus attack, software malfunction, CRC error, etc. In such situation you can use fixing tool to fix damaged PowerPoint presentation. It is designed in such a way that it can be used by a novice user.

Go for trial version of the repair application. Download it & then install the tool. Launch the application & then start the recovery process. Once you complete the recovery program, you can view the list of recovered file list. You can save the list of recovered files only after purchasing the tool.