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“Last night I got shocked when I was trying to move my data from external hard drive to the new laptop. The hard drive is showing an error message that drives cannot be formatted, do you want to format it now? I got this error message because of severe virus attack to the external hard drive. Can anyone help me out to recover my precious data from my external hard drive? If any solution then kindly suggest me.”

Yes, here you will get a solution for your problem by going through this article you will come to know how to recover data from your external hard drive.

External hard drives are mainly used to take backup of data and even some of the system users will use to save some crucial data in the external hard. This practice is good but most of the times the users get into trouble when the data lost from external hard drive occurs. Among such external hard drives, WD (Western Digital) is one of popularly used external hard drive which is the popular due to its stability, high storage capacity, consistency. Due to this, it can be used to store huge amount of data. But because of some reasons, you will lose data from WD external hard drive. If you lost data from external hard drive then immediately you will think that how to recover WD external hard drive data? This can be solved by using External Hard Drive Recovery Software easily.

Scenarios which are related to data loss from WD external hard drive

Accidental Format: Most of the time users may unintentionally or sometimes by forcefully they will format an external hard drive. It’s because of severe virus attack the external hard drive will become inaccessible in such case if you plug into a computer at that time it will show some message by saying “The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” if you format it then it results in data loss.

Abrupt External Drive Removal:  If certain data transfer process is in progress at that time if you have removed external hard drive cable at that time. You will lose the data from the external hard drive.

Data Transfer Interruption: The data transfer may be between an external hard drive to the system or vice versa at that point of time if sudden system shutdown is happened abruptly due to power surge then you have to face the problem of data loss from your external hard drive.

Silent features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • This renowned application is having strong scanning engine by making use of it you can scan the entire hard drive to perform the recovery operation within short time periods.
  • By making use of this recovery application you can recover data from both internal as well as external hard drive.
  • This recovery tool used to recover data from various external hard drive brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba and etc.
  • It can be used on other removable drives to recover data such as firewire drive, SD cards etc.
  • It can be used to recover data from both Mac as well as Windows systems effectively.

“Hi everyone, I have some very important documents and some of the most memorable moments of my life which had been snapped so that they can be relived. But today when I was trying to access the images with my family, the images were inaccessible. Thunderstruck! I don’t know how to retrieve data from SanDisk 1TB external disk. Can anybody help me out with a SanDisk 1 TB external hard drive recovery which can restore data from SanDisk 1 TB external hard drive without hampering the data stored?”

Don’t worry. Here is an application which is free to download throughout the internet employing special unique signatures to identify and recover more than 300 file types within a few clicks hassle free.
The Recover (Windows) is the complete data recovery tool which implements special advanced scanning algorithm and an easy-to-use interface which allows recovery of data hassle-free. The recovery software is compatible to multiple operating systems namely Mac and Windows including the latest versions of the same.

How the data gets corrupted?
• The Virus and malware pose a constant threat regarding the security issues. Transferring files from a device inflicted with virus can also plant virus thus resulting in corrupted files.
• Unintentional formatting of the hard drive clears all the contents on the drive, thus leaving the user with lost data. Mistakenly deleting the important one rather than the insignificant one can result in loss of important information.
• Ejecting the drive prior to the completion of the transfer process can result in damaged files. Ejecting the device without following the proper system procedure can eventually result in corrupted drive.
• The drive may contain too many bad sectors and if the file resides in the bad sectors then retrieving data may be point of concern.

Why Recover Windows?
The Recover Windows is the free software application available for download throughout the internet which can retrieve data from different hard disk types being SCSI, IDE, SATA and even from RAID (RAID0 RAID1 and RAID5) partitions. The software can recover from various memory card types being Memory Sticks, USB etc and even from file system formats such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS 5 to name a few.
The Preview tool allows the user to view the prior to saving them to the desired destination folder and the Find tool enables the user to reach out for a particular file by refining the range of search depending on factors as name, size, modified date, creation date to name a few.
The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to pause and save the progress of the recovery process and the“Open Recovery Session” enables the user to open the saved recovery session so as to cut down the repeated scanning of the entire drive which is both tiresome and time taking task. This reduces the time consumed during the process and also increases performance.
The “First try then Buy” feature allows the user to preview the recovered files prior to saving them to the destination folder and on being satisfied the user has to upgrade to the Pro version of the same to experience more additional and advanced features.

External hard drives are used extensively because of the size factor as the users want to store more number of data and they prefer carrying it. Due to its extensive use, there are a possible number of data loss scenarios too. So you might think what is the actual way to recover data after western digital external hard drive not formatted error. There is a way to recover files and this is by the use of a software named Remo Recover which does its job perfectly. If you want to see a visual demonstration, then you can watch this YouTube video to figure out how.

Steps to Recover Data from WD External Hard Drive

Recovering data is made simpler by the use of Remo Recover tool as this can be used conveniently without any difficulties as this uses a simple interface to perform recovery of data. Follow the below step by step guide to recover data from Western Digital external hard drive.

  • Install Remo Recover software on your Windows computer and run it as the main software window appears on the screen.
  • This is a simple wizard where you need to simply provide instructions in recovering data.
  • Connect your Western Digital external hard drive on the computer in which you have installed Remo Recover.
  • Provide instructions such as whether you want lost partition recovery or deleted partition recovery and select the drive i.e., your WD hard drive and finish the next steps.
  • After completing all steps in the recovery wizard, the final step will be choosing the output destination folder for recovery.
  • Activate the software license to get the benefit of saving the recovered files on your disk.

Key Features of Remo Recover Software

  • The tool will be able to recover data from external hard drives as well as internal hard drives. The supported file systems are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT drives.
  • It is not only limited to recovering data from Western Digital hard drives but also from a variety of hard drives such as Seagate, Toshiba, LaCie, etc.
  • The tool can give a preview of recovered data prior to saving them on your hard drive. Also, it enables the user to save the recovery session which helps in restoring data easily by loading them whenever you want.
  • The software performs recovery in a fast pace as it uses unique algorithms which run efficiently scanning each and every sector in the hard drive.
  • The tool can able to recover formatted, lost or deleted hard drive data and even works in corrupted drive data.

What Causes WD Not formatted Error?

  • Trojan and malware infections on your Windows computer.
  • Error, disruption or disconnection of the external hard drive while formatting the external hard drive.
  • Due to sudden power loss while installing an OS or during any critical Windows update can cause not formatted error.
  • Interruption in the transfer of files from one storage media to western digital hard drive or vice versa causes this error.

You can always use Remo Recover when you face issues of any kind such as lost or deleted data from all types of physical disk drives.


You may be surprised as you turn on your PC- It seized. May be due to power cuts, or cable disconnected from the power plug- whatever the reason you will leave with only option to reboot. Your PC doesn`t recognize the hard drive.

If your BIOS can detect the hard drives, you have fare chances of recovering all your data before re- partition and re-install OS.

In such cases you actually have several options despite how bad the situation is!

  1. Your first option is your Emergency Boot Disk Insert it into your disk drive and reboot. If you can change the directory to your hard drive, then it might possible that your main drive`s Master Boot record has been damaged. Good news is your data is safe, but it`s good to take back up before reloading the Windows.
  2. Also you can always access the data from separate partition (Note: If you have created one) even if you are not able to access the main drive. While booting just check if your partition is visible or not. Make separate copies of your important data before re- installing Windows as it can spread further.
  3. Is a little more complicated if you can’t see any of your partitions, although all is not lost just yet? There are tools that can be used to recover data that has become inaccessible due to a hard-drive failure. For these tools to be useful, your drive needs to be mechanically operational.

Beat way to make sure that the hard drive is mechanically damaged or not is- looking for any possible vibrations of platters. If platters are spinning properly then the drive is all right.

If your dive is mechanically damaged then you will need forensic experts to recover your data back. However logical problems can be resolved by using suitable drive recovery tools. drive recovery software

Continue reading to know more about logical issues and software.

Drive Recovery Software

Software can save your significant amount of money than a data recovery expert. Many of these tools read the file system information for fetching hard drive content. So you will need a healthy Master boot record and accessible drive. But some advanced tools not even need to read the file system information. Such type of tools works by creating a disk image of the drive and can recover the entire drive. Plus point is your drive recovery chances will be fare even after these software fails as it doesn`t overwrite data. There is loads of such software. Pretty notable one is drive recovery utility.

Are you in search of application which can be used for recovering data from hard disk of computer? Since we know that hard disk drive or commonly known as HDD is one of the basic needs of computer which stores data over it in digitalized way, which can be delivered to users whenever required. Files which are saved over computer sometimes get deleted due to some reason thereby causing its owner to remorse; however such a regrettable situation can be reverted by making use of tool like Hard Drive Recovery, which is recommended by number of hard drive experts for recovering data. This hard drive deleted data recovery application can recover deleted files from HDD in few clicks.

Mainly files from hard disk drive gets deleted due to users own mistakes such as usage of some commands over command prompt. Here it must be noted that when any file is erased from command prompt or deleted by making use of Shift Delete combination keys then they never get accumulated at the Bin Folder. So, if any file is erased from hard disk drive from command leads to repentance over such action. Such type of data loss occurs with users who are novice in matter of using keyword over command prompt. Whenever any file is eradicated from system it only loses its existence logically, i.e. files details are erased from file system, after which flags the occupied space as free for saving any new file. So, if any of you have deleted some of the essential files then, users must not lose their calmness since as mentioned it never loses its existence as long it has been overwritten by any other file.

Files over hard disk drive can also get deleted at once by accidental application of format command over disk. Such a situation arises mainly with people who instead of formatting the other drive of hard disk drive. When such an action occurs then each of the incorporated files over hard disk drive gets erased by just clicking single button. When such an instance happens users files detailed are erased from file system, thus as files lose their logical existence. Files in such situations can be recuperated in the same format by just following some simple steps over given tool which would not take any extra time.

Deleted File recovery from HDD can be done in ideal way only if some issues are given due care, which if not performed may cause permanent loss of files and can never be rescued by use of any hard drive recovery utility. The foremost thing required to be followed by user is that they must not either make any use of partition of HDD which needs recuperation. Disk over which file is deleted must not be formatted or reformatted so that recoup of data doesn’t gets any more complex. Some people unintentionally download or install rescue tool at partition which is in need to be revived, this act must also be forbidden. For more you can visit its website:

There are other instances which can cause loss of files from hard disk drive such as accidental deletion due to use of Shift Delete combination key, Deletion from Bin Folder, Deletion due to third party software, erasing of some big files or folders and many more. Each of the mentioned data deletion scenario can be rectified by making use of Hard Drive Recovery software which provides each of the required files within few minutes of its use which has one of the best GUI (Graphic User Interface) that entitles each of the consumers easy file recuperation. It supports rescue operation over a range of 300 file formats some of the popular file formats are BMP, MP4, MP3, K25, DCR, PNG, PPT, PST, EXE, AVI, MKV, 3GP, DOC, EXCEL, JPEG, CR2, RAF,  etc. Data files which are rescued by making use of this Hard Drive Recovery utility can be viewed before saving them at any of the location of hard disk drive in authenticated way. Therefore by going through the promising and enduring features of this tool we can easily state that it can be used over any brand of hard disk drive. This software can be easily downloaded from internet for making trial use, if satisfied with its promising features it can be bought later. Moreover, data recovery from formatted hard drive can be easily done using this efficient software.

External hard drives are frequently addressed as HDD (hard disk drives). These are the mass storage devices that are used with computer systems and laptops. The HDD can store any type of data from various sources. When used on system the main purpose will be to store backup data. The external hard drives are almost similar to internal drives i.e. system hard disk, only differentiation is that the internal hard drive comes as built-in within the computer system and external hard drive has to be connected through USB port externally to the system.

The hard drives that are used by most of the users are quite common and similarly users facing problems with these drives are also common. One major problem is hard drive crash. And there exist many reasons that can lead to hard drive crash. Assume a scenario that you were performing some data transfer and suddenly the system froze due to some errors during the process. This caused damage to the external hard drive that was connected to the system. When you restarted the system to continue the data transfer, the external drive was crashed. This made all the data present on the drive to be inaccessible. And now you have lost certain most important files of data. If this is the case you are facing do not panic! There is a right solution to solve this issue. Make use of recovery software to recover crashed external hard drive data. The software performs complete recovery of all the files present on the hard drive that is been crashed. You may come across the following cases too that might lead to hard drive crash.

Here you can go through the other cases of data loss from hard drives –

  • Accidental formatting – Formatting process erases all the pointer links to the data that was stored on the drive. Thus the data is still present on the drive but not visible to the operating system as there are no pointer value for any data file. Thus you may lose data.
  • System shutdown – While switching off the computer system, make sure that all the running applications are completely closed. Else the shutdown process may corrupt certain files. So if you accidentally shutdown the system when external hard drive is still in use then the drive might crash at certain point.
  • Hard drive bad sectors – If there are any bad sectors on the hard drive then the hard drive might definitely crash because presence of bad sectors on the hard drives will affect its performance.
  • Harmful malware – Usually the hard disk data will become corrupt when it is affected by virus and if the drive is severely affected then the hard drives might suddenly crash.

These are some of the scenarios that could result in hard drive crash and simultaneously data loss. And the best remedy to get back the lost data may be using recovery software. The program features may be stated below:

  • It successfully allows you restore crashed hard drive information.
  • Information from crashed hard disks of the brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Sony, WD, etc could be restored without difficulty.
  • Software supports recover file from external hard disk drives having different file systems like FAT16, NTFS5, HFS+, FAT32, HFS5, etc

The application enables us to utilize software for Windows and Mac version OS separately. In order to experiment with the software program, download it here. If the process of recovery is a useful one then you can definitely go for complete software.