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Hard disk is the most prominent way to store data. Every system has its own inbuilt hard drive that keeps OS files as well as other application software’s installed on the system. To extend our bodies memory, we use removable drives, which you can attach or detach from my PC. There are numerous removable drives within market like memory, pen drive, memory stick, hard drive etc.

To store huge amount of data most of the people use removable drives. Its usage is very common; people use it to maintain a backup of their system or to store other valuable data. In commercial world, it is use to keep a record of all the essential requirement and project details. As information is always crucial, so it becomes a painful situation, if you lose it. To overcome from such situation, recover drive software is the best solution. By using this software, it is very easy to retrieve lost files from flash drives.

Losing file due to formatting is the most common reason for data loss. Consider a scenario where you maintain a back of your system hard drive in a flash drive, and accidentally you format it by clicking on the format button. Formatting an external drive deletes your backup and results in massive data loss. In such situation, only formatted drive recovery tool can help you. With this tool you recover data from various types of flash drives such as USB drive, SD card, Memory card, memory stick, etc.

Recovery is possible because whenever you format your removable drive, in reality files are not erased permanently. It is stored somewhere in the drive itself only the pointer which contains the location of its files and folders are removed. As data is actually not erased, so we can easily recover important files/folders, by searching them on the bases of their file extensions. Like unwanted formatting of drive, there are so many other reasons that can cause data loss like:-

  1. File system corruption: – As everyone knows, every storage drive has its file system which keep track of all the files and folders within the drive. If this file system get crashed or corrupt, files within the drive became inaccessible. Only at that situation you left with just one option reformatting.
  2. Improper removal: – In fast growing life, sometime you remove your flash drive without using safely remove hardware, which often brings about drive corruption. To overcome from this you need to format your drive and suffer data loss.
  3. Virus and malware attack: – As internet had become a demand of each computer user, chance of virus corruption increases. When you connect your thumb drive with this particular infected system, it’s going to corrupt a number of the files to make them inaccessible.

These scenario scan be prevented, if you follow some basics precautions for example remove drive by using safely remove option, have a backup of one’s drive, use some reliable source of energy in order to avoid sudden power shutdown, while deleting any file don’t use shift + delete option, and employ advance antivirus in PC to tackle severe viruses.

Follows the above mentioned precautions it will surely reduce data loss to some extent. Beside this, there are numerous data loss scenarios, which occur suddenly without user’s knowledge. If you’re suffering from such unknown scenario, don’t waste time, immediately select formatted flash drive recovery software to recover lost files. By using this tool you can even recover data from formatted memory card with ease.

Click here if you want to try demo version of it. Software manual is quite user-friendly and will also direct you towards with all the software. It contains Preview option (to have a preview of recovered files) and Save Recovery Session option (where you can save your recovered data). In case you are satisfied with its demo version, buy licensed version to save your recovered data.